Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,


I've found more things to work on and make me squee!

Geneon and ANN started up a design contest (up until the 27th, meep) for designing a ParaKiss-style dress. It sounds like fun and I want to join and the grand prize makes me giddy, though I probably won't win it 'cause I never really win anything. ;p

I have so many fun things to work on, like my NaNo, for which I was literally blindsided last night while I was taking a bath by a time-switchy plotbunny that negates half of what I was going to do, but not really. Vicki started talking to me warily through the door asking if I was all right when I started mapping it out loud and cackling and flailing for a towel. x__X; I swear, fandom should not be allowed to eat my brain so. It does it too damned easily.

Point in fact, the school thing.... isn't going very well.

Well it's not as if I've been doing badly in everything, it's just that I've been doing subpar, and far lower than how I wanted to do, and it'll take some really desperate lying convincing reasoning, to come up with something else.

I mean... accounting is bad. Like... really bad. I don't like having my pass/fail riding on a single test, especially when there are others who are already passing, and it makes me fearful. I could drop it, but dropping Accounting when I want to go into Accounting seems... well.. yeah. Tomorrow's the drop date, too. x_X;

The other classes.... I'm doing okay. Nothing spectacular, as far as I know, in Marketing and Human Resources. Big tests/assignments are still coming up so I'll have to work on those...

I did really badly (read: 73?) on my last math test, which yanked my average down to a B, and it'll take a good deal of talking, and a bit more hand-flailing to convince my teacher that yes, I did the labs, of course I did, they just didn't... ah... show up. o.O; Like... at all. >.>; Erm.

And as for Computers... well I got a 2/4 on my last assignment (I didn't skip six lines in the beginning and forgot to capitalize something. Wtf, why is everything I do badly in because I don't skip lines?) which dropped me down to a 91. :( My 95 was looking so shiny, that wasn't supposed to happen! And I have the exam... today. In about three hours.

....And class has been on for 6 minutes already. Crap. Right. LEAVING.

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