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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
28,500 / 50,000

Okay. So, it's the 29th and I'm still at about 57%. But... a little less than 10k today, a little less than 10k tomorrow wouldn't be too hard. It's just on top of a group assignment that I'm terribly tempted to do all by myself tonight. Heheh, well, who knows? ^^ I'll be sleeping pretty damned late tonight if at all, so we never know what kind of word or artstuffs come of that since concentrating solely on one thing is totally not on.

Oh oh oh! And I finished it! *beams* Wa-loli!Cloud is done is done is done. ^-^

And that isn't even the biggest version. ^^

I was all :\ about the colors, especially once I brought it back onto the laptop to work on... the colors all look so dull on this and far from the vibrance I wanted, but other people say it looks fine so... *shrug?* Inspired by a mini karmafic of ciceqi's, although judging by the way it's going, I'm dreaming up Zack in Gothic Aristocrat and Seph in punkloli as well.

And also in large form because I couldn't be bothered to resize it, is Seph and Zack. And... well, Seph was supposed to have gotten the wrong end--or perhaps the right?--of a Time spell and gotten hit up with his sixteen-year-old body. Clearly the first thing he'd do with it is sneak out with Zack and Cloud and eventually end up grinding on a dance floor. ;p First draft, because I'm not really happy with it. Doesn't look right to me, doesn't look like dancing to me and Zack's hand! @.@; The rest I might have forgiven in time, but that HAND.

Anyhow, enough talk, I have NaNo to write! ^__^

EDIT: OH SHIT less than 24 hours now. @.@;

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