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Giddy. Am SO giddy.

I'm in the jrock contest. And I'm actually in a pretty good position to win... or at least place, which is sometimes just as good...

But... *flails limbs wildly* there are six entrants in the J-rock category!! SIX!! and there are thirty-three jpock entrants!!

....Jpock? J-pop. I meant J-pop.

And... there is also someone entered into the J-pop contest (now that I skim) that also has the same last name as me. Weird. Not entirely unexpected (it's not the most uncommon last name) but... oO

Only problem is, I need to sign in on Friday. I can't go on Friday. This is... um... not good. I won't be able to go at 7-8 on Friday even if I could go on Friday. I have school, even if I was allowed to go. Oh dear. *searches frantically for loophole of some sort*

O.O Oh dear, math has started. I have not done that homework I was supposed to do this period. Come to that, I need to go to school. *runs away*
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