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Zokutou word meter
50,032 / 50,000

Yes. You see that? You see that? That is 20 bloody thousand words in less than 24 hours!

And though the official NaNo site is being a bitch and not letting me revalidate it properly (I accidentally typed 30052 I think instead of 50032 or something) and not realizing that I've completed it, I don't really give a damn except for the fact that I want it to show up on my profile. ~_~;

Meh, icing on the cake. I am the queen of insane and amazing and fluffy pink bunnies and now I am going to shower and sleep!

...Except I'm not because I want to draw something. :3

Yes this was a useless post. I care not. I have reason to gloat. And to fall over dead from spasmodic finger twitching.
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