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Anyone else going ":O LJ now has spellcheck, how crazy!"? Because I sure am. Wasn't like this yesterday, was it?

Nothing new, just finished up my November flashfic. Yes, it does happen to be a day later than November, meh, shrug, sigh, oops? ^^ I've no doubt most people don't even bother to read these things, which is fine by me, but I post nonetheless.

Title: Pass the Torch
Written For: urei_sachi
Pairings or Characters: none; Kyouya, Kaoru
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~350?
(Spoiler) Warnings: ...none, really. I think. o.O;
Author's Notes: Shamelessly taking advantage of the grace day over at hc_flashfic. NaNo ate me, what can I say? ^_^; Bit short, but the best I can come up with right about now considering I made it up in about ten minutes. ;p


( Flashfic )

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