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Poking of self

Because it's easy and because it sounds cute, I'm going to do something for the FF7 Citadel Drabble Contest. *dances for something to do*

I want to figure out an ending for my NaNo/Zackfic. It's paused right now as I try to fill in the blanks, and figure out an ending. >.>; I simply can't decide between a threesome in the rain and rocks fall, everyone dies. Alternate endings perhaps? Caelin brought up Cloud-mindfucking, but that wouldn't work for this one, and just added something new to my list of rabid bunnies.

And because it's cute:

Sneaky sneaky kitten-no-jutsu!

Finished my Japanese exam, took twenty minutes. I'm hoping that's a good thing though I bombed the geography section and left one question blank in holidays. What is Tango no sekku anyhow? ^_^;

3 hours of sleep last night, 2 the night before, 4 the night before that. This can't be good for me but when I do sleep, I get so much more tired and disoriented I can't do anything, much less study. Only another week left, let's hope I don't break during it. :\
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