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Artstuffs! ♥ the ability to color stuff so quickly!

Originally it was supposed to be Sephiroth with a lip piercing but... um... I was so much happier with him not-having it. So... he doesn't have one. He has fire though! D: I was too lazy to put the orange highlights on him after deciding on the fire, but.... meh, maybe next time, I'm tired/lazy.

Fiiiire. :3

In other news, we set up our Christmas decorations, Vicki and I, while the parents were out gallivanting, and partying the night away at respective Christmas parties. We were pleased. ^^ And no, I did not set myself on fire. Got a mouthful of fake greenery and nearly poked out an eye though. Meh, at least there was no glitter on either. ^^
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