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Right, so there has been no updating in... a very long time. Impressive, I know. I've been... well no, not busy, but distracted. I'm back at University... living off-campus, holing myself up in my room which is far from un-ordinary I suppose. Classes are very Englishy--not the kind of Englishy that I love and love but it's close enough and it definitely beats out the Finance I'd otherwise be taking at Sheridan today. Tomorrow I have a Religion class whose entire description is Evil. How can I resist? ^_^

And I have artstuffs! Like... quite a few, in fact. ^__^ Nothing y'all haven't seen before, but color, even amateur color, makes all things better, no?

Here we have Axel. I have no idea if anyone will get the Shakira reference except Laura because I told her. ^_^

Ignoring my terrible erasing skills in this version (I fixed it afterwards, but that version isn't on this computer.) So I cut out the Buster sword, which was frankly what made the picture amusing for me. Meh well. Lookit him go.

Again there are still un-erased bits here that need fixing, but yes, pretty much done. ^_^

And chocobo!Cloud is also done. Ignore the feet and the pencil marks, I hadn't expected to color this one and thus totally didn't erase them. And am not entirely sure how to erase them with PS. Yes, I fail. We knew that.

Thus concludes this minor update on Steph's life. I really can't remember whatever else happened over the long period of silence besides awkward conversation, a lack of kitty, and my mother being adorable (and in pain :\).
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