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Dir en grey MADNESS (and oh god I'm sore)


Right, so concert last night at the Guverment. Steph went. Steph still owes Caelin money for it which she had but totally forgot in her mad dash to the train. >.>; Steph had an awesome time once she got over the fact that she wasn't insane enough to want to die just to touch... uh... Die.

But yes. Oh god. The crowds. And the pushing and the shoving and the hands in places you'd never allow them on even the third date. Oh and the near death. Steph learned how scary it was to be pushed down onto the ground with other people climbing over her trying to get to the front. And has never been so in love with boys who fight off other boys and screaming girls just to help Steph up. This happened twice. @.@ The rest of the time I was just trying to stay upright with enough air in my lungs and wondering if I would manage to live throught the night. I made it to the front though! :O And this is in a bright red snow jacket. Yes, anyone who was there will know the insanity that is not-taking-off the jacket before getting absorbed into the crowd but that was hardly what bothered me in comparison with the non-breathing.

So yes. Screw knowing what the music was in that time in the front. I managed to get out of the crowd in the end (which was a task in and of itself, you move back and they shove you further forwards) to the back where you could a) see the band properly, b) breathe and c) listen/dance to the music without fearing for your life. ^-^ Grand time.


...Except I don't think she recognized me, despite the fact that I always seemed to be a person or two away from her. Very sad. Hope she wasn't hurt. D:

Still. Played my favorite songs. *_* Can't ask for more. Couldn't take pictures. Weren't allowed. I could've snuck some decent shots from the crowd of course but there was too much moving and without flash... yeah, I'm clearly not a hardcore photographer when I care more for staying alive. ;p So there's just a few very blurry shots of moving lights. OH WELL.

In RP world, I swear it's like I can't leave for a few hours to a) take a bus home or b) go see a concert without missing some explosive new happening. @.@; Both times it's Akai catching me up the insanity that is our dramaz. ^^; IT WILL GET FIGURED OUT SOMEHOW. @.@ *is determined*

There are issues with Ontario's power right now. :O So... if the lights go out... for a long period of time... >.>; Well, let's just hope they don't. We'll get in trouble. ;(
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