Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

...Aha aha aha. -_-;;;

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Subject: I love u Toujours
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 18:36:49 +0200

NOT! Ahhahahahahah!!!!1

Saw ur floor conditoins this week hehehe so lame my grandmother couldv'e done better. The com's really going down teh shithole everytime I look. someone's always messing up rooming lists and Im going to bet its you if ur always talking about all the HARD WORK UVE DONE. So sad.

but wtfever cuz ur always asking for crits and I can give u crits when I have nothing better to do with my time rihgt now and Im not going to be like the rest of them whore too scared to say anything bad because your a mod.

Your Sephiroth is totally ooc. I cant even recognize him from canon anymore. Hes a crazy motherfucker who likes killing people. LIKES IT. Making him do stupid things liek regret shit and falling in love with fruit is totally messing up one nofn the coolest characters in the game. ur jenova... wtf?? like really WTF?? Where the hell did u get her from/?? Shes an alien and ur sick putting her with sephiroht why did u even bother no one wants to play with your freak self maybe? Is THAT IT? And Fatih hahahahah Faith's a skank in canon, total tramp they say it every chance they get. wHy'd you even choose her anyway just cuz she's easy? fucks guys for kicks justot keep riding on top is that how u like it? not getting enough cock rammed up in ur pussy you need to start looking for it in an rp? hahahha so SAD FREAK. think ur better than everyone else just cuz u can just ban everyone when u feel like it. Howd ou even get the job anyway? sell your saggy cooch over the internet?

Youve been a great sport reading all this hahaah geta life.

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(...there's a reason I never attempt these animal/face things. I suck just that much at them. ;p And yes I deleted a bouncy-happy entry I was writing from before to post that crap. But this still needs to be said. I HAVE A NEW CLOUD. :DDDDD ♥ for FormativeArts!Cloud prettiness ^__^)

Edit: ...The thought reoccurred to me. How the hell did the email get sent to me if that's not even my proper email address? o.O;
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