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And so I return dismally, cold, wet and bedraggled to the fated boundaries, placed around me that I have no other choice than to call my home.

Actually, no, not even close. I am not wet. Cold? Well... not more so than usual. At least, it wouldn't be if I deigned to put on more clothes. As it is... *shrug* In fact, I'm not even at home. I've been dragged away from the anime con to celebrate my cousins' birthday.

Dismal though? Maybe. Disappointed more like.

Hmm... where should I start...? Didn't go on Friday. Don't know what happened. Apparently nothing much. Can live with that.

Didn't get to sing in the J-idol contest. Badly organized staff will do that. I actually had a chance. I knew that. That makes it even worse. Maybe next year I suppose...

Didn't buy anything. Wanted to. They ran out of the Kirara cat plushies. I wanted one. So much. Might be going back tomorrow. Doubt they will restock. Will hope anyway.

Hmm... walked a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. I lost weight today, I must have. I think my muscles have atrophied. But then... would they hurt...? *shrug*

Is watching my sister running into every picture taken. Yes, this is the same girl who was hiding her face from every camera pointed at her during the con. The silly girl.

...I think she's interested in my friends, way too much. One does not look like that if one is only worried about someone she has only met once. One does not grab older sister's arm and attempt to drag saying, "We've got to go see him!! Come on!!" Cringes at the implications. Goes and locks sister away in a nice neat box and refuses to let her out into the world again. Or at the very least until after the con. I have never been as sulky and bitchy and disrespectful as she has been today. I don't ever want to take her again.

So if I go back tomorrow, it's only going to be me. And my friends. That had better be it. Actually... Nelson can come. I am magnanimous.

I think the children are crying out my name. I think I should go to them. One other thing that should be mentioned. Little kids to not belong at anime conventions. Ever. My god. Never again.

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