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06 March 2007 @ 12:43 am
Schools and Hotels and Cheshire Cats (and somehow musetalk snuck in there)  
Got my Philosophy midterm back. 63. That hurts me so. Especially when it appears I have gotten all the right answers, I merely did not word them enough. Lovely. Next time I think I should just write them in French... she certainly spends half the class messing up her English and teaching in it anyway. :( Must do well, damn it!

Toujours is trundling along. I'm grateful enough for it, I'm the only mod around. ^^ Not that I blame the others (...well I do, but that's mostly me being selfish and lonely, it's hardly their fault. ;p) but I can't be the only one that sees us starting to wilt around the edges. Toujours the multi-fandom head of lettuce. Tires me out; long-term inventiveness and wit are totally not my thing. I'm just so good at making you believe they are, shock! ;) Sephiroth is moody because there is no Cloud around to baffle, and Jenova is going muttery-muttery in the back of my head. Think she's bored.

I also think my fic!muses are getting sulky with me. Or my grasp of characterization has just gone all seven ways to hell. I cannot do postAC!Cloud. But hell if that's going to stop me from trying. ^.^ With lots and lots of help and backtracking and poking other people to wail "DOES THIS MAKE SENSE???" (I also can't write smut, but that's another issue I sidle around anyway.)

Also. Still place Alice. It makes me happy. So happy. So happy I think it's mildly creepy that I find it so, but it's Alice in Wonderland and it's crazy Wonderland like how I wanted it to look way back when I watched the Disney movie (except... more bloody and disturbing). I've been accused of being a closet sociopath once I said I was playing/enjoying it. Please. They were playing Doom.

And and and. I like how well it runs and complete and utter lack of lag and Cat. OMFG how I love the Cheshire Cat. He doesn't look half as creepy in-game as he does in the official art, but I wouldn't care if he did because his voice. I love me my Catvoice. If you've never heard, go listen now. *0*

Now who knows anything about these whispers I keep hearing of Gackt and KAT-TUN? Rumor y/n? The idea of them performing together boggles my mind, but I've been grrrfandommonogamygrrr of late, I've no idea as to the state of things anymore. ^^;
Current Music: Triumph - Fight the Good Fight
sapphy梨: [Misc] fandom killed my gpasapphynashi on March 6th, 2007 07:24 pm (UTC)
Oh, midterms. I will be so glad when this week is over.

You're the only mod now? o_o Man, that sucks. And yeah, I'd been getting the downhill feeling for a while. On one hand, it kept me around for at least a week or two longer because I'd have felt bad about dropping, but then uh, I just did. XD;

I think 'baffled' is Cloud's default state of mind. XD; Anyway, if IM windows are not beneath the Almighty Sephiroth, he might be able to mess with Cloud there. :3

Been hearing a lot about that Alice game lately. ...Okay, really I've only heard of it from you and ciceqi but still. XD;

Stephanie: iSephirothmirroredsakura on March 6th, 2007 09:24 pm (UTC)
Your icon speaks truth like nothing else. ;pp And I feel for you. @.@; Midterms're not so bad for me this term (x_X; three classes, wut) but I distinctly remember last year when they came in threes for each and every class.

I'm not the only mod... the others are still around. I read Chev's back which is lovely, and Brisa's... okay, depressed and suicidal and contemplating hospitalization. I figured the less-is-more approach would work on the subject of poking her about things. ^^;;

I've also never been especially good at IM RPing (and not just because my internet doesn't like me on AIM long enough to hold a conversation with anyone properly). But if you'd like, it might be fun. And! I could have an excuse to steal away your Cloudvoice 'cause mine? Is clearly stuck in a pre-Nibelheim loop lately.

And heee... I haven't caught up with Coyo's LJ for a while, but it is a game that'd probably be right up her alley, heh. It's just that there's going to be a movie~ that's supposedly slated for release this year, but as production hasn't started, who knows. :3;; Wants, even though I'm not crazy over the fact that SMG is playing Alice.

sapphy梨: [Kitty] kitten cuddlessapphynashi on March 7th, 2007 12:32 am (UTC)
Whoo, one down, three to go! If I can keep my classes straight, then no problem.

Ehehe. Been there, done that.

XD; Most of my RPing experience was done via AIM. Worked wonders with fleshing out some of my originals. I actually haven't done it with fandom though. ...To be honest, I think my Cloudvoice is merely an abbreviated version of my voice. XD;

Aaaall I know is that she was writing CatxAlice fic. So how much does the game cost? Because it looks like fun horror stuff, and I am so down with that.

AS SOON AS I GET THE DOCUMENT CAPPED TOO. I have 200 so far for the concert itself. XD; If I didn't get so mesmerized while watching, it'd probably be double that amount.
Stephanie: don't leave me akurokumirroredsakura on March 7th, 2007 07:31 am (UTC)
All right, I take back what I said before. Midterms suck. Walking into class and realizing you just walked in late for an exam you knew nothing about sucks more. *coughs* Brilliant day today, really. @.@;

As for talk of Cloudvoices, if we can't manage the AIM RPing can I totally poke you about characterization help? ^^; I'll be awkward about it as I'm very, very bad about asking for help, but I neeeed it and I can at least count on you to say more than "he's Tifa's bitch, done and done." D:

Really?? Haha they're the best pairing ever--unless you mean actual CatxAlice which would be... *blinks* well, I'm not quite sure how that'd work out, really. But no, love Cat/Alice banter and they're pretty much my Alice OTP. ^__^ As for the game... well I downloaded it, but it's good enough that I want to buy it too. =( Silly thing no longer being in production. You can find it here though and for a pretty decent price considering it retailed at around... $50 I think.

Ahem. JEANS.
sapphy梨: [Kitty] wants your soulsapphynashi on March 7th, 2007 07:43 am (UTC)
Ehehe, I should be getting to bed to make sure I don't wind up late for my Religions midterm, buuut...!

You definitely can! Though I am teh_suck at criticizing other people's characterization unless it's badhorriblebad. ^^; At best, I'll probably just ramble at you about general stuff. XD;

Err... Let's just say she issued a squick challenge and... Yeah. XD;;; I'd only ever consider reading that when she's the one behind the wheel. Or pen. Or computer. Agh. Anyway, maybe the better question is where did you download it? Because $50+ w-inds. goodness was worth it, but I also like to eat. XD

...So. I just found all my old w-inds. fic from like, three years ago, and it seems like a good idea to edit and post them? And maybe finish the five-part series that I left hanging at a really bad place.
Stephanie: kakairu; chibi loffmirroredsakura on March 8th, 2007 05:20 am (UTC)
No worries, my immediate question is "do you think Cloud would cry if Zack suddenly crash-landed on his head?" (There's... uh... context for that, but that really is my question >.>;;)

And I downloaded Alice with bittorrent. :\ And I distinctly remember you mentioning that it didn't work for you. Boo timing, I had the iso files for them up until the day before and I would have uploaded them for you somehow. D: If all else fails, online stores sell it for ~$10, shipping incl.

Dooo it. I want to read. :3 I like w-inds. fic so long as Ryuichi =/= whiny sobbing uke. (Which is a surprising number of always in my previous experience o.O;;)
sapphy梨: [w-inds.] love is messagesapphynashi on March 8th, 2007 07:32 pm (UTC)
Like, supposed-to-be-dead!Zack and stuff? Yeah, I think he'd tear up, not a whole lot, but all significant-ish? XD;

Daaamn yooouuu, BT. >O

Ahaha, these are at least two years old and wow, in many ways I feel like I've regressed. I haven't read any other w-inds. fic since way back, but I remember getting bored with omgKeiRyudrama. OT3, that's where it's at. XD
fontech on March 6th, 2007 07:28 pm (UTC)
What the heck happened with the other mods? O___o; I know Chev's pretty sporadic, but didn't the other one say she was, uh, coming back?

My offer to help is always up for grabs, :/ I don't want to see it die!
Stephanie: ouran twins; metronomemirroredsakura on March 6th, 2007 09:44 pm (UTC)
A short-term blip I'm sure. ^^ People are entitled to vacations methinks, and Brisa... well, she's unwell, and I suppose we've gotten used to an Axel-less Toujours.

I'm going to keep your offer in mind 'cause yeah, thinking we miiight need a little more help once in a while. @.@; Not that we aren't a well-behaved lot, but it does wreak havoc on my (relatively speaking, of course) sanity every now and again.
fontech on March 6th, 2007 09:54 pm (UTC)
I should hope so. Eh, not like the place is falling apart without him. Plenty of people come and go.

Like I said, whatever's needed. If you wanna vent and bother and throw things, I'm not going anywhere, ^^ the more it weighs on your sanity the less you'll enjoy it, and nothing kills a roleplay faster than an unhappy mod.
Stephanie: *lick!*mirroredsakura on March 7th, 2007 08:08 am (UTC)
*chuuuu* Thanks, babe. Love and love and love. ^__^ But aside from the random "BLARGH PEOPLE CHOMP CHOMP" I'm always happy. Being upset doesn't help me any, and it makes me feel worse about the people around me. ^^ 'Sides, I'm not going to leave~ what would y'all do without me? ;pp
(Deleted comment)
Stephanie: mana frozen bluemirroredsakura on March 7th, 2007 08:36 am (UTC)
*chuu* I've missed you too, lovely. ^___^ Like a lot. Very hard to play good cop, bad cop if you have to do both! ;pp Besides, life with you around is never boring. ^_~

Also, also! I don't need a vacation! ^^ One doesn't take a vacation when other people bring sexy back! That'd just mean I'd miss out on all the pr0n. Fun. Antics. ^-^ And I certainly couldn't have that! ^__^
(Deleted comment)
Stephanie: what's to forgive?mirroredsakura on March 8th, 2007 05:27 am (UTC)
*prrrrr* Even better than a hitman. *loves*

You = friended btw. :3