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Artstuffs revisited

But then again, I don't know if I even posted this one up here. Shrug. Well, no time like the present. I touched it up a little, though I doubt anyone who isn't me would really be able to tell the difference. ^^;

And... er... for those not in the know (which is pretty much everyone on my f-list who still reads my LJ methinks), this is clearly what happens when you happen to find yourself stuck in a hotel with your [dead] best friend and your [sane?] erstwhile nemesis. Who happen to randomly change into women one day. And demand that you take them to a dance. While you're in said erstwhile nemesis's clothes. Clearly there are good reasons why Cloud sometimes questions his sanity. ^_^

Which means yes, more RP talk. I'm still somewhat sad we never got to finish that log because I was a dork and didn't know it was my turn until I glanced back at it nearly two months later. :3;; *winz like that*

So, I have exams coming up next week. This clearly means more fic and art. >.>; I even have the stage set for a brand spanking new fic. :3 It has no real middle or end, just muses running around my head going "Dooo it! Doooooooo it!!! Grrrrlll!!!" And then there's my backlog of WIPs that I'm determined to finish, from FFVII to J-Rock to Ouran. Oh Hyde. Why must your vampire self be such a prude? This clearly doesn't work out in your favor, my dear. *is all muttery-muttery over Nightlife*
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