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And just to cap it all off...

*yawns* One should never, never go without this much sleep. It should be forbidden. As should these damned tests that just keep flitting my way. Should not happen to me right after a con. But eh, only so much happiness a girl can have in a set amount of time. I guess I've reached my quota. ^_^

Had a blast. Morning didn't start off that well I don't think, what with my forgetting my card at home and not-knowing what to do. I was quite prepared to show ID if they called for it when I asked them for another one, but I found they didn't even ask for it. It appears I have "an honest face". Fufufufufufu.

Sibyl had to line up to register again. Wanted Ranma autograph. Stood in line for autograph for her. Didn't have to wait very long for her to come in. Was good.

Went and sidled into Dealer's Room. Wandered aimlessly. Found Mari. Yay, Mari. Wandered around some more. Saw the shoes. Ye gods I want those shoes. But entirely not practical. 6-inch Mary Janes, be they Mana-like in appearance or no, cannot usually be worn in public without breaking an ankle. Or in the presence of my father. And they were $60. Pricey. I will add, that I wanted to marry the guy behind that counter. Yes, even if I originally thought he was a woman. He was really good at the sultry. I was quite impressed and quite pleased with his costuming accomplishments.

E~to... oh yes, no Jonathon around to bother Sibyl. She was really quite pissed off with him. Almost getting kicked out of the Dealer's Room will do that to a person. Even if she might have been exaggerating at that point... ^^;; Um... hmm... so, we wandered, went over to the Renaissance to catch a glimpse at the Gackt Love thing (bwahahaahahahahaaha!!) and I amused myself in realizing I already knew everything she was trying to tell. Good ol' Jihaku. Yay crazy, eccentric Gackt.

Anyway, found Sibyl (who'd been waiting in line for Ramen autograph)---wait, Ramen?! *shakes head* You know I'm hungry when... In any case, she was waiting for Ranma autograph (and who didn't get it--she got everyone else's except his--must be fate... oO) So we found Sibyl and carried her off to each lunch with us. So we ate, went back to Renaissance.

I actually did sing. But in the Karaoke room, and not in the contest. Ah well, I like singing. Have never met a sound system that so butchered my voice prior to my meeting Karaoke room sound system, but eh, can't complain. I knew the words. I was happy. I memorized them, and I could sing it up until that last A. I'm actually proud of myself.

And then came some more aimless wandering in Dealer's Room, buying things, taking pictures of things. Going to Artist Alley, buying things, squeeing over things. Going to the closing ceremonies. Having a re-enactment of Sven's and [insert name here since I have forgotten his name ^^;;] nearly legendary NarutoxSasuke moment from their Masquerade skit (minus the mooning) twice. Umm... hmm... watched stuffed animal and horse get it on... oO, french-kissed said horse plushie upon request... oO, watching Janice and Sasuke (shall call him that because I really can't remember names anymore.... >.<) kiss Sibyl's shoes. Um.. watched three of the boys go up and dance onstage... Yeah, can't remember any more. But! 'twas a great time.

Of course, that was only when the con ended. After that, real life started to set in, and we had family over for dinner (mm... steak..) and after they left, Sibyl and I sprawled on the couch in my living room and we watched L'arc~en~ciel things because they are hot sexy bastards, and I want in Hyde's pants. Come to that I want his children. But that's also besides the point. ^^;;

Anyway, so that finished itself, and we decided to go to bed early. She slept with me in my room obviously, because of my smashing conversational skills. *snerk* So we talked. I don't want to say what we talked about, because that would... yeah. Just no.

In any case, contrary to what it might have appeared, I have nothing but respect for my cousin. She can act really really childish, but that's because the rest of her life is just shit. She says she's happy with just her computer, and her anime, and her Internet, even though she thinks that's silly. I believe her. If the rest of your life is as fucked up as hers is, anything that makes you feel better becomes more important than anything else I guess. I'm done now. Time to sleep. Mmm sleep. Sleep is good.

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