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General ignorance & subsequent disgust

So, I just found out about the US shooting, give or take a few hours. And not in great detail, so if anyone's got an article or two to link me to, I'd appreciate. Don't be surprised, my hermitic existence is pretty much all-encompassing when I want it to be. My mother was half in a panic yesterday from hearing the words "shooting" and "campus" in the same sentence and my phone was off so I didn't find out about it and her worrying until tonight.

Which means I now know what those people were discussing in passing in chat and bits of other conversation who collectively shrugged it off within 30 seconds of it being brought up. Okay. I can understand not-wanting to air out your private angsting in public (though that's me personally, seeing as they happen to do it on a daily basis I assume they don't feel the same way). Still, the argument "I don't see why people should make such a huge fuss about this when it happens all the time in middle-eastern places!" just hits me with a ", will you also dance on your best friend's funeral bed?"

Honestly. If you want to look at it that way, yes, Americans kick up a bigger fuss about their tragedies more than any other country that I know of. They're a proud, self-satisfied and very emotional country. I expect that. What I want to know is what is wrong about their wanting to make this an internationally-known incident? People are dead now. You know. Gone. How can other people who weren't there at the wrong place in the wrong time just write them off as a minor death rate and mock others for grieving?

I have friends in America. Lots of them. A lot of them go to college too. I'm grateful as all hell that none of the ones I know were hurt but that doesn't mean I can't be horrified about senseless bloodshed or feel for these people I've never met before. Oh these people were grateful too, I'm sure. They weren't hurt. Neither were anyone they knew. I can't see that that kind of relief should translate to complete and utter apathy about those who weren't so lucky.

These are people who think nothing about wanking to the whole world if their mother doesn't let them eat their dinner when they want it to. So they have the right to grieve about their stomach rumbling for an extra six hours, but they'll mock other people for being shocked and sad about an incident that, so far as I know, had absolutely no purpose and didn't need to happen. That kind of selfishness sickens me.

So yes, to all those people who started laughing at me for not knowing about this incident until now, yes I didn't know. Yes, I care. Maybe too much, more than I usually do, it's been an emotional roller coaster of a day. But hell, I've lost people I've loved so much it hurts to think of them gone. I've sat at home crying myself sick 'cause I didn't know where they were and whether or not they were still alive. I've come out of a funeral listening to other people whisper how they probably deserved it, reckless as they were, how they must have damaged the light-pole in the crash, how fixing it would come out of these people's tax dollars. And... well. That was a direction I didn't mean to bring my ranting. *ends that*

Basically what all that was trying to say in all that long-winded mess was... God, don't belittle loss just because it wasn't yours.

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