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In the spirit of reassuring everyone that I am indeed alive and wriggling, here there be updating!Steph. ^_^

Today was fanfuckingtastic insofar as Steph went shopping, had loads of money spent on her (well, originally I thought I was going to be the one doing the paying which was a bit of a wrench) and came out with around $300 worth of dress, shoes and accessories. *grins* Man do I feel like such a girl. It's awesome. I heart.

Look out for a camwhoring post of some sort soon because though I probably look like hell, the dress demands it. Oh god sometimes I just love my breasts. They got in the way of buying a new button-down because they couldn't fit, but they are forgiven now because of dress. *purrs happily because damn it, it is the first fancy dress in my closet that I've had in a long time and I'm allowed to be gleeful over it though I'm an expensive piece of ass when wearing it omg (by my standards of course, which truthfully isn't a lot comparitively ;p)*

In other news... Akai is awesome for she helps me with Toujours-y things when I am broken, and so I love her (...not that I don't already do!) and need to finish her shiny which is supposed to be a secret shhh! but I'm late and her's birthday's been and gone and I've come back too late to wish her well for it on time. D: But she is love for helping and Rem too. *hearts Rem as well!*

ALSO! Because now that I look up the time says it's a new day already, happy birthday to emberdarc! ^___^ Many happy returns to you. :3

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