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Jpopsuki will forever provide me with amusement, I think

So, so, I haven't been there in forever and a day. Living at res didn't lend itself so well to the bittorrent usage and since then I haven't bothered so much. Addiction wore off or some such. Then LJ distracted me with Ayumi shinies (...yes, I like Ayumi, s'not a bad thing) and I realized I had never seen the PVs they'd come from. And that simply wouldn't do.

...'Course then I got distracted by other shinies along the way and promptly forgot about finding her PVs, but! that is not my story!

This however, is.

Stephy Tang no doubt is among the most promising new generation Canto-pop stars. Adored by fans since her days with girl group Cookies, Stephy has proved to be even more successful as a solo artist, often teaming up with labelmate Alex Fong for popular duets like "Perfect Love" and "Exceptional Romance". Although busy with her film career, Stephy continues her solo music history with her latest album. Available in three different covers, Dating Stephy contains ten tracks, with many romantic ballads perfect for Valentine's Day including "First Encounter" (Track 1), "Unscheduled Appointment" (Track 8), and "Unwanted Third Party" (Track 3).

Last time, I was in jail. This time, I'm a popstar. I'm moving up in the world, wouldn't you say? ;p

I've never heard of her. But I got my silly little giggle out of that. *coffs* I'm a dork.

Stuff of the RPing sort will be dealt with and hopefully finished by tomorrow. Mondays will now be the New Day of Updating. Steph has decided. ^_^

And and and... what is this? Is my download actually going at 342kb/s? Have I, in fact, beaten Nelson for torrent speed? Squee! Oh, this will be gloated about indeed next I see him! *hearts*

Edit: Hahaha, where oh where did this little gem come from? I seem to have missed it and oh I do want to see what sort of wtf wankery might have been kicked up by it.

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