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Picspam: not for the faint of heart/slow of internets

'Cause y'all know I do this on occasion. And hell if I do them as they come along like any sane person might. What can I say? I like working big.

Anyway! First because I promised:

...Steph swears she is not a ghost or a screamer though that second may try and tell you otherwise. She is, however, painfully camera-shy at times as her total awkwardness in the first picture will show you. ;p

And while she's trying to smile. That is not Steph smiling. That's Steph staring at her timer and going "...hey maybe I should--" *CLICK* "--well, that decides that." What can I say? ;p Awkward. And... man, I clearly remember days not too long ago when my face didn't look half so chubby o.O; See exhibit A. Sigh. One measly year and BAMF.

Needs work. Not-having a fan blowing my hair behind me into one huge mess for one thing. A better bra for another. Shoes 'cause the ones I have I don't think will work for it. Miscellaneous other obligatory junk. An occasion. Same old, same old. ;p

Second because they were on my camera:

No, there is no Steph in a swimsuit. That would probably scar a good lot of you. It has been a long time since she's trained and I need not tell you that it shows. ;p So! I be not photographer but you can still ooh I'm sure. :3

As you can see by the date, it was a little while ago. There's not a lot that feels as nice as just sitting at the beach at sunset with a decent breeze. It was nicer when the swan came 'round to keep me company.

And last but not least 'cause Selah-love and several others have been asking:

Ta-daa! You have no idea how hard it is to make him a) look at the camera, b) smile, c) stop moving, and d) all of the above at once. Really. *pokes him*

(EDIT: The boyfriend is entirely too camera-shy for his own good. His picture has thus been replaced with Hyde making sweet, sweet love to his maiku-love.)

Aaaaand... 'cause they're also on here, my boy's precious and gave me flowers. Randomly. There was much startled and blinking and general squee!Steph to be had, I assure you. 'Cause. Um. Flooooowers.

Okay so flash does funny things. But I assure you. Gorgeous red, and everyone knows how picky I am about my reds. Or should. Or at least do now. ^_^

Aaaaand... for one last picspammy bonus, you get randoms of Steph while she's scuttling around her room trying to clean it up.

Yes, Steph wears boys' clothes. Comfy is good, yes yes it is. She also happens to be not-wearing pants in this shot but shh, you don't know that. She also proves that she can take the obligatory camwhore shot and look like nearly every other asian girl on the planet give or take a pair of circle lenses and better skin/makeup.

And...... and and and....

...I'm sleepy. GOOD MORNING! :3 Happy Father's Day! though I don't believe I have any fathers on my f-list. I--

Oh oh oh. Also. Unknown fact of the Steph: today is her supposed-to-be birthday. Yeah. Figures that even at being born I'd choose to laze around and wait for a good two weeks more before I get around to it. ;p
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