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Because who can resist a little cosfu once in a while?

The weather was gross earlier and I was really, really cold (indoors, I do believe outside is death with a side of destruction and burning) and with over 8 and a half hours of nothing to do, clearly this means Steph went probing the depths of the underworld. (read: 4chan / cosfu)

Oh the findings...

Because I wouldn't be Steph if I showed you the scream-worthy without the shiny. And because they already did it for me.

Y'know, I don't really approve of too fat and too skinny and too much photoshopping (read: most of them), but dude that Cloud is preeeeeeetty and the one Asuka's red plugsuit is just sex.

...No there was no other point to that. Call it delayed angst at not-going to AN this year. ;p Nothing else to say except to food and then class I go!

OH and:

Axel or Darth Maul? I'm taking bets. @.@;
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