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*glee* Okay, this song? Has totally won L'Arc back into my heart. Not that they were ever really banished from it of course (y'all know me, once I like something, it's forever) but SEVENTH HEAVEN did make me leery of the turn their music had taken. This is... nice. ^_^ Nothing groundbreaking or stand-out-in-a-crowd-WOW!-worthy but nice.

Went to see Harry Potter with the boyfriend yesterday though I knew full well he probably wouldn't like it very much and that I had very iffy feelings about it. It was... okay. Ish. Kinda. There were parts that made me squee, I loved the casting/acting for Umbridge and Luna and Tonks, the special effects and actions were awesome, but all in all it was way too compressed for my liking. Inevitable, but that's what keeps it from being spectacular. Oh. And Tonks is hot. *coff* So sad that she didn't get enough characterization in this movie--like as not the Remus/Tonks business will be even more minor in the next movie which makes me sad as, well, though I'm not a fan of the ship, it's one step away from a Lupin/Tonks/Sirius sandwich. (...Yes, my answer to all life's problems is a threesome. Yes, I know all that emotional mishmash that makes it a VERY BAD IDEA. Let me pretend. ^_~)

Wanted to see Hairspray today. Sadly we got there too late, though we were half an hour early. Oh well, c'est la vie. I heart the boyfriend for putting up with trudging to school in the rain and back with me anyhow. ^_^;

Speaking of which, I made him a sandwich. See, the boyfriend doesn't eat lunch. And so eats nothing during the entire day until dinner, which for us, can be as late as 8-10 at night. So last night I was up late and couldn't sleep. And so I decided to make him a lunch to bring to work the next day and left him a note directing him to the fridge. (What? Class starts at 2:30 on Wednesdays, you think I'd be awake to tell him?)

'Course upon finding it he was so happy he decided to stay home from work to be with me. Which kind of negates the whole 'making him eat while he's at work' business but... I like him happy. :3


(Oh oh oh. And. New moodtheme. I'm easily amused. >.>;)
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