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Okay so test didn't go as well as I liked (silly me for forgetting Jonathon Swift thought children's carcasses to make nice boots and gloves) but that's over and done with. Got back my essay and that was... passable. Certainly not bad for a five-hour sprint of essay-writing when I couldn't get it back from my laptop in time.

However, that is not the point of this post. Point!

I have no idea how to write anything anymore. :<

And yes, that is rather a bit of a big deal, what with the whole having several more term papers to write. But also because. Well. Faaaaaanfic. D: I've got nothing on that either, though I keep getting poked at by random bunnies (lately they're Transformers-related bunnies, like Bee/Sam/Mikaela threesomefic and Transformers/Supernatural crossovers with the Metallicar playing a starring role. Because I've said it once and again, that is one sexy sexy Chevy.) but nothing significantly plot-worthy to go on. It makes me sad. Especially since I've more than enough of a backlog of fic that needs working on. I like finishing things. I must finish more. :3

Oh well. I will simply have to try harder. Perhaps after a nap, though creativity/inspiration doesn't exactly come when I'm well-rested. Perhaps I will dream up plot. That happens a lot, especially lately. I might even write fic in my sleep. Which also happens. Very effectively too. People wonder why I always fall asleep during English exams. ;p It works, I'm telling you.

And... 'cause I cruise mock_the_stupid on occasion when I have nothing else to do and I've already finished reading my f-list. (And how often does that happen? o.o!) A bank in New Hampshire was robbed by a tree.

...Perhaps he was trying to make a statement.

Edit: Oh oh oh. And apparently it is not effective to ask the police for a time-out. Now you know.

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