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O f my lifetime of crime

Okay, so, I'm a bit late in the recording of this, but Steph had a dream and Steph was freaking awesome. Yeah.

The specifics of which included the principle of duality, alter-egos, and where I both tried to destroy the world (nearly succeeding too I might add, there was the definite aura of DOOM upon the land) and then single-handedly saving it. With a croquet mallet and a handful of killer jacks, mind. (What me? Looking forward to the Alice movie? Nawww...) It also culminated in a fall into lesbian subtext which was weird, but I consider that a branching-off of my deep-seated heart of almost any pairing involving personxthemself. As this was a dream, both Stephs were clearly gorgeous and thus all was well. And oh the clothes!! *glees* Steph was a pirate! ^___^ Oh it was grand. (Her other self was also dressed up as a nekomimi--like this! :3--and while that was also really cute, it did not strike as hard as the ohgodI'mapirateglee!--mostly 'cause I know I can't fit in that dress ;p)

Enough so that I eventually whiled away a good many hours on F+F dreaming of all the shinies I would one day acquire for myself. Pirate!Steph including a jacket, blouse and Bloom's poncy pimp hat. ('Course there were also pants and oh-fuck-me black boots involved but those are minor when I've yet to find a pair that could accomodate the disproportion that is my calves-to-feet ratio. Though my mother's pirate boots--I know of no other way to call them--would work awesome indeed if they fit properly... *___*)

*coff* Yes, I talk too much. I wants. And I have the money to do it which makes me go eee! (especially since I got my tax returns back which is like an extra 900something out of nowhere) except I just put in my PSP for repairs which will cost me 100 or so and then I pay for my rent too which is... a good deal more. So so so. Steph believes she will be responsible and accomodations-paying-ey.

Also! In other news, last Friday morning Steph had an adventure. It started like this. Steph doesn't sleep at night. The boyfriend... well, he sometimes doesn't sleep at night. So he was going to go to work and since he works right beside the school, I figured I'd go with him, burrow about his workplace, leave, burrow around on campus and eventually bus away home.

And then I locked his keys in his room. >.>; 'Cause I'm cool like that. Which for a while, I thought okay, I still have all my things, he still had his things minus keys so we trekked along towards the school (he, mind you, was loaded down like a pack mule, and I felt bad about that :<) before he realized he needed his keys to go to work. So we rounded the campus a while and then went home. And then instead of waiting a few more hours for other people to wake up/unlock his door for him, we break into his room. Through the window. Surprisingly easily.

...Now if only putting the window back together was as little a concern as getting it open. *coff* THAT was... less than fun. Especially with both of us grouching at it. ^^; But eventually we managed! Mangling the screen (and the one we subsequently tried to steal from the kitchen) horribly, but 'twas made to fit! And there was no calling of police to be had (though I suspect 'twas because it was near five or six in the morning by then and no one's allowed to wake up at such an ungodly hour anyhow).

Annnnnddd.... that's about it. Went to Pacific yesterday and bought socks. :3 And put in my baby for repairs. She'll be done next week. I glee. Heitor also lent me Tales of the Abyss today. So it is now in my posession, in my house. AND YET I CANNOT PLAY IT BECAUSE I AM NOT AT HOME AND AM PLAYSTATION2LESS.

The world does not like me. My mom does though. She bought me Harry Potter. :3 I'm still not going to read it before exams. But. She bought me Harry Potter. ^___^ Steph happy.

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