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My f-list amuses me. The amount of loliwank and jrockwank (who has ever met a dignified fangirl while in the throes of her addiction anyway? ;p) fill me with such cynical glee I wish the new l_f were open to me so I could read more.

'Cause what I'm writing? Not getting done. At all. Fucking hell. *sighs*

In any case! I started to play Tales of the Abyss this weekend! Finally! Granted I didn't get more than an hour's worth of playtime but I could still glee at the cute. And the confusion of the battle system whereupon I sat there going "why is she... singing...?" when it didn't appear to be doing much despite the fact that yes I reasoned Tear had charging up to do. But her spells kept dropping things and it took explaining before I found out what those circle things were. (I went "oooooh are those items? Can I pick them up? BUT I CAN'T SELECT THEM! SADNESS!" :3;; Still. The neverending sounds of "FANG BLADE! FANG BLADE! FANG BLADE!" resounded around my basement until my mother poked her head in to look at me funny. (This is reminiscent of my whooping "HEADSHOT! HEADSHOT!" while playing DoC *coff* except this time it was entirely not my fault and I could legitimately say "Blame Luke." --Luke being the name of a teddy bear also.)

And... that is it. For now!
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