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Hellooooo my outside world!

Been awhile it has, no? I can explain that. No really. I can. Sort of.

One is a purely legitimate reason: Steph moved into her new place and there was no internet. For about... two weeks. Or so. Yes, it was very traumatizing. I don't recommend it.

Another pretends to be a legitimate reason: school. I started it again. But we all know that it lies, it lies, and Steph has plenty of time for updating/miscellaneous online business anyway.

The last is probably the truest and one you already knew: ...Steph is fucking lazy. Yeah. Pretty much. Sure, I could chalk it up to the fact that nothing really exciting's happened, but we all know Steph can talk about nothing for hours and hours on end.

So, a quick run-through in the life of Steph.

First off:

Prologue: Dead Man's Oath
Chapter 01: This Is How It Was

Yes, yes it is my Zackfic, finally, finally on its long involved journey to public viewability. This makes me happy considering it's been near a year since I started it. ;p And yes I also made that image. Don't laugh, it was hard for me to do! D: Steph has no awesome Photoshop skills, coloring that took a very long time!

School is going good. I have a Fantasy course that makes me very, very happy. We're discussing LotR at the moment, and any excuse to sound like a total geek about the finer points of the Ring's role in the books is good for me. That and the fact that I both own and love half the booklist already. :3 And we mustn't forget that the prof is also awesome, also a huge geek, and damn funny to boot. ^_^

Life at home is going in its own mad roller-coaster way. Steph is living with the boyfriend and two other friends, which always makes for good times in her opinion. Since I only have three classes on campus this term, I'm home a lot, which means I get to hang out with the boyfriend more too. This also makes me happy. That and the fact that I have found I am a) not as abysmal a cook as I once thought I was--although this could all be the boyfriend's sneaky attempts to lure me into thinking as such, b) I like baking! :D I don't often have the right ingredients, I do stuff by recipe, and fuss about it for days afterward--even if it was just with cake mix--but I like it! c) ...well, there is no c. Unless you count worthy-of-stalking, but that's nothing new. -_-;;

Steph is also living with two other people than the above mentioned. Anthony (who... uh... I hardly ever see and whom I'm quite sure is slightly terrified of me for some reason. o.O; Perhaps because I'm a girl and as awkward at making conversation as he is?) and Sandra (who I will like as not devote an entire entry later to describe, because she is seriously the worst, stupidest, craziest, and ultimately fucking hilarious person I have ever met. I might even make a comic a la the old comicchallenge days because it seriously feels as if I'm living in a cartoon/reality tv show where her whole purpose in life is simply to piss me off. :3 But that will come later. It's 8:30 in the morning. Steph has not slept. She is a little crazy atm and typing way too fast than is probably healthy for a zombie. So! Miya, I have done my duty of updating, I shall return soon to continue the tales of my (mis)adventures!

As for the rest of you: update me on the goings-on in your lives. Catching up is difficult, especially when you're... okay fine, as easily distracted as I am. ^^;;;;;;

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