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Steph is le nervous

About French. >.>; Which is kind of sad because on first glance, it's all so easy. And yet! There's so much I've forgotten, like conjugating être and the -er verbs, as well as how to spell stuff and what articles (as well as when to use definite and indefinite articles) to use. I'm probably overreacting because the test tomorrow promises to be easy and is only 15 minutes long but... yes. Steph wants to do well she does!

The internets is le wonky at my place, alas and alack. It is often non-functioning (dead DNS?) which means that combined with need-to-study has made Steph near unwilling to bother going online, so any replies I make to anything and everything will be late in fashion and form. ^_^; Apologies! Steph loves you, she promises!

In other, more art-related news, Steph has... done absolutely nothing. D: Really. She's been kept away from a tablet too long, so there has been no practicing on coloring, and she has had no muse to up and draw anything besides the obligatory (and very occasional) notebook sketch. No motivation to even start on portraits, which Steph finds generally easy, quick and uplifting. Is sad. That, and I've a Zack/Cloud painting back home that begs finishing but which I never have the time, patience, or heck, the materials anymore to complete. Very sad. So, what better way to try and fix this than by the acquisition of new toys? :3

Despite some small financial issues (nothing much to worry about, just my first extended+maxed credit card bill :O! and the sort that comes with general student unemployment-but-is-still-reasonably-backed-by-savings-and-parents) Steph is eyeing this:
which is basically this stuff:

except it's only 24 colors instead of the full 36. Still good enough methinks! :) Especially since a) the bid's at $0.01 right now and b) the Canadian dollar is almost 1:1 with the States' and thus Steph feels like she can afford it even more. Glee!

Of course y'all know me. I'll never come out with something fantastic with them like charms or silkscreens (...well... maybe. Too much work to do without the emulsion/darkroom/light-table fun though) or stamp art. But I think I can make some pretty shiny colors if I mix them with paints! ^__^ Failing that, it also makes for a pretty extensive collection of eyeshadow. ;p From what I hear tell, it's same quality, same quantity as MAC pigments at a ridiculous fraction of the price. Not that I use eyeshadow much/ever but potentially... ;p

Once again I'm still too tired to go on in a full-out Sandra rant in this entry. Trust me, I have, twice in a row, given hour-and-a-half long recitations of absolutely anything and everything she's done to me/us over the past... month. It'll take some long-ass writing. Or comic-drawing. Either way. ;p

Steph is going to go back to studying. Or sleep. But since my class is at 1:00, I don't really want to sleep. :\ Mostly because those 5 1/2 hours translates to this:
- 1/2hour devoted to waiting/riding the bus (for Steph is paranoid about missing it, doesn't quite know the schedule for this route yet, and would rather err on the side of caution)
- 5-15min or so to get ready
- somewhere within the vicinity of 1 1/2-2hrs to actually wake up/open my eyes (trust me, the boyfriend will back me wholeheartedly on this confession of bad habits)
All in all, that's not a lot of time left devoted to actual sleeping. Oh well! Later days. ^_^

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