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Steph's been quite the ditz today. :O

I'm currently sitting in one of the labs in the ML building whiling away my hours until my lab, because I'm an idiot and thought it was at 1:30 instead of 2:30. *is dork much?*

Basically while getting out of the house, I like to leave about a half hour before. All paranoia aside, when you don't know the bus schedule well (and when it's gotten all unreliable with the new influx of student riders 'cause of the new student pass) it's the best way to ensure you get where you need to go reasonably on time. Yes well. Steph has been lax lately. Since the bus passed right outside our house, we can usually hear it when it passes by. Well... I hadn't heard it. So I went out to wait. And... uh... wait. And wait some more.

Half an hour later, the bus pulls up. Steph was all "BLARGH STEPH IS LATE!" and was all hurryhurryhurry once she got off the bus. Then she finds that the room is locked and there are janitors watching her every move as she bundles up and down the hallways looking for some sign of a notice saying "CLASS CANCELED" or something. But no. Steph is just stupid and thus had a while long afterwards to wait.

Upside, I'm not late for my lab. Downside, I have whiled away several perfectly good hours I could have been using to read my books/write my essay. Sulk. After all the effort to get my lazy ass out of the house. The boyfriend even ran out after me in sockfeet to give me my jacket since it was freezing outside and Steph-in-a-hurry is often forgetful. Sad.

In other news! Today's my mother's birthday, yay! Steph is not home, but she can dance a happy birthday in her mother's direction anyhow. :3 Tomorrow marks four months between me and the boyfriend, shock shock! Time flows, don't it?

AND! I am doing le class now, so I shall leave it at that. Zoom is Steph for she has nothing worthwhile to say! ;3

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