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And on my sister's computer. Her keyboard is cute. I like the feel of the keys and the way they sound (hey, hey, we all have our preferences! ^^) but the placement of the keys throws me off a bit. Oh well!

Steph is a little sad... stuff has been switched around in our house, and stuff's been moved around and in strange places and I've only been gone two weeks! :O Imagine what it'd be like after several weeks or months away!

And! My package arrived today! ^___^ Pigments, pigments, pigments for meee~~~~

They're little! ^^ I wasn't sure what size I was expecting, but they're little and cute and though the package was an enveloped turned inside out and wrapped round several times with boxing tape, they came out all right in the end. They really are the size of little eyeshadow pots. This will be fun. :3

...I was going to go onto more silliness and random, but food has come and Steph has been called away. Ah home! It's good to be back.

...But I miss the boyfriend. Yes. :( REMEMBER TO EAT SOMETHING WHILE I'M GONE! *shakes fist*


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