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Why do I never learn? The Golden Rule of Anime also applies to the world of J-rock as well.

What is this Golden Rule you may ask? Well, if you see someone who appears to be a girl, it's not. It's a man. You appear to see a man, it's not a man, it's an alien. If it appears to be an alien, it's a tentacle monster. And so forth and so on.

And of course, I always manage to be shocked by the amount of men I've mistaken for females. Or men who just really look female without much effort. ~.~ Lucky bastards.

And because no proof is possible without a pic-spam, I bring you

~.~ He's too pretty for his own good. *pout*

Okay, so I didn't mistake him for being female. But that was only because he had his shirt off. Without that thing, he's positively lickable.

And... that's all for tonight. (Or would it count as this morning now? *cringe*) I'm quite beat. Still need to do math. Probably not going to do it. Sleep calls to me.

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