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Because I realized I haven't posted in a while...

Steph lacks a laptop. :( It is very sad. Steph the picture/file-hoarding... uh... hoarder, has files all over the place on several different people's computers and she does not much like this. Central base of operations and then several different backups is her preferable way of going about things, alas and alack. ^^; I've this organization thing.

This feels like another useless update because of the utter lack of accomplishment in the past... how long. There has been school and there has been lazing and there has been napping-at-inappropriate-times and there has been lazy and there has been writing. But not the fun kind of writing. The oh-god-so-many-essays/assignments-that-I-can-hardly-keep-track kind of writing. Not unbearable, but not really enjoyable either.

Have caught up with several friends from the outside world however! As in I snatched up Leo and Ronsen along with Jessie and Dan and spent several hours talking/catching up and then going out for dinner. :3 It was good. Hardly gloriously exciting, but good. Got to talk to Leo some more next weekend or so on the bus back to Mississauga. And then got to see Dan (other/non-boyfriend!Dan) whom I haven't seen in... in... more than half a year on Monday. All with very few awkward pauses in between. *beams* See? I can do this whole conversation thing with people sometimes! ^_^ That and have managed to prove to outside world that no, I am not always a self-imposed hermit. :3

Now today on the other hand was a different story. ^^; Just finished having lunch with Eric Monkmon from high school whom I just ran into on the way to the library. I got to be geeky, but a slightly out-of-my-league kind of geeky because he talked physics that I had completely forgotten/never learned. And politics which I've never really cared for. And politics in science fiction which I did care for, but only a little because I have never been as big a sci-fi fan as I have fantasy and thus don't get as many of the references. He was really nice though and walked me to the library with his umbrella so that I could avoid being soaked even further (it's raining D:) though. And I got to discuss Final Fantasy which is always fun in my book. (ESPECIALLY WHEN HE BROUGHT IT UP NOT ME!)

Besides that... there isn't much. Boyfriend has a job now, which means Steph sees him a lot less which makes her kind of sad. Sandra is still being Sandra. And creepy. Very creepy. It's one thing to overhear two people having sex. (Discreetly? Quietly? Hopefully??) It's another thing to plop yourself down outside their room on the couch waiting to listen to them have sex. And then add your own commentary/sound effects/moaning/panting/singing. Is creepy. Is very, very creepy. I've heard of living vicariously/voyeuristic intentions, but really, that just crosses the line to total ew. *shiver*

...And now, Steph is going to stop thinking and go back to studying for her test/writing her assignment.

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