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Wherein Steph is a ditz

Okay. So. Yesterday was the craziest day ever. Okay, maybe not to you. Maybe it's only me.

So. I wake up and the Supernatural soundtrack I've been downloading finally finished so hello new music! Was there a dancing Steph? Oh hell yeah there was a dancing Steph and so she's slightly glad there was no one around to see her make an ass of herself.

And then! Because Steph must surely get the studying done, she got down to work writing her essay. And couldn't really manage it all that good 'cause, yes, distractions abound. So as it's nearing lunchtime also and there's not much in the fridge that she knows how to turn into food--speaking of which, I'm starving, and I think there is cheese and bread for the sandwich-making hurrah!--she hies herself off to school to work in the library. And it's a gorgeous day outside, so even better!

She stands at the bus stop for a while, growls to herself 'cause it's late, decides to put the DS away and go off to the end of the street to wait since the 7 passes by there and she can be able to get on either the 7 or the 9, whichever comes first. And then woe, woe, once she boards the bus (the 9 did come first after all, geh) she finds that her stylus is missing. She dropped it!

She angsts all through lunch and all the way to the library where woe again! she finds that the paper she was going to work on there actually did not send. And so she has no copy to work on. At about this time, she is quite sure the day is going to end in tears because exam tomorrow and all, right?

Anyway, so she heads homeward. Before she goes though, she picks up her test/assignment from the French department and good golly--hee I said 'good golly'--would you look at that! Top five in the class, woo! (Okay, so the mark in and of itself was mediocre--75%, but still!)

Which makes things better. Then she gets home, drops her stuff off on the front stoop (step?) and goes foraging around the other bus stop where she assumed she lost it. And lo and behold! Stylus!

So she goes home, rummaging with keys and bag and coat and book and stuff. And then she she gets back into her--okay, fine, the boyfriend's room wherein she needs to work on her essay, she finds that alas, it is missing. Again!

...More frantic digging reveals that she dropped it. Again. Outside her door in fact. She is so much win like you wouldn't believe. ._.;;

But! It came back to meeee...! ^__^ Which is awesome because this has totally happened before, btw. Almost in exactly the same way if I recall correctly which I don't for sure, but I know it's close enough.

And then I get an email from some girl in my class. Who mentions that the exam I'm supposed to have the next day (read: today) is actually on Wednesday! :O I run to check. It's true! I shock, I awe, I send her frenzied email of mass gratitude and immediately get down to studying for my other exam, which is much more important now. x_X;

...Oh and there were zombies. ZOMBIES. <3 Oh so much fun, so exciting, so much REFRESHREFRESHREFRESH like you wouldn't believe. I am so slow though compared to everyone else it's almost humiliating except I'm too busy playing with ZOMBIES! :333

Anyway. I'm going back to study/write and

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