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Unhappy!Steph is unhappy.

So, a couple of days ago, I received an email in my inbox from the DE office at UW about one of the courses I'd taken. Telling me they hadn't received any of the three essays required for that course! And would you know it? Those and my other DE course's essays were the only ones for which back copies I had were stored on the home computer that went wonky and wiped. Double idiot that I am, I was the one who decided to be all cute and use the envelopes and labels provided in the course package to send my essays out instead of doing the smart thing like sending them electronically or physically handing them in at the office on campus. I go to school. It'd have been easy enough (you know, once I found the office, which... actually could've taken a while, knowing me).

They sent me back an email pretty much not believing me (which, yeah, I get, 'cause the truth always is a pretty weak excuse, all around and they must get hundreds of crazy excuses all the time to desensitize them) saying I had less than 24 hours to submit my essays and they would decide whether or not they would mark them. If they did, I'd get a full letter grade off each of them. And despite what Steph's capable of when she tries or you get her mad enough, she'll still be a mouse at heart. So she didn't fight this and so just spent that 24 hours writing three essays for Criticism 1 on narrative, poetics and discourse. This is her failing-est part of English. She can't be a decent critic for the life of her at the best of times, and all of them jam-packed into the same day?

That and I hate rewriting anything. I tried to put in as much as I remember, but I haven't even looked them over and I'm sure they're all a haphazard mess and I always get the distinct feeling that the new one is worse than the old. Anyway, I've submitted all three and I'll see how it goes. I just don't know if they'll accept the things, I have no physical proof like those mail slip things that postal offices give you ( can see how often I go to a postal office) and after all that work twice...

Really, I shouldn't be complaining because yeah, my fault, I'm an idiot like that. But I have two DE courses and I haven't received any feedback for that one either which makes me terrified that if the one course hasn't received any of my assignments, perhaps the other one hasn't either and I'll have to repeat this nightmare again. On top of that, I haven't gotten any responses from my Fantasy professor for my Harry Potter and Tigana assignments, which should I should probably have received by now and he hasn't yet responded to my frantic five-in-the-morning email in his direction which makes me terrified that he might have screened yahoo emails and I should probably retry it with my uwaterloo account. Considering the Tigana essay's worth 30% and the Harry Potter essay's worth 25%? Do you see why I fear?

All of this just goes to show that I'm a very silly, flighty person who is utterly incapable of taking care of herself and being ready in case bad things happen. And bad things always fucking happen. I should know this by now, more than anyone.

Still, wouldn't it kill someone on high to let things go right for once when it comes to academics? Just once? I haven't known that feeling since leaving high school, and for that one brief stint in Sheridan. Really.

On a less gloomy note--I love Vienna Teng. She has that pretty kind of sorta-mellow-but-still-melodic music that I can play softly and will keep me awake and working, but not distracted. Life savior. I really wish I knew where to get more, is all.

Now it's a toss-up whether I pass out or I get something to eat. Or maybe watch Supernatural. That might make me feel better. Nothing works better to stave off unhappiness like hot guys, hot cars, and the thrilling sensation of fear as I look outside my room into the darkness of the living room. I am such a wimp.

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