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Recapping and possibly some self-reflection while we're at it

So basically since the days of the last entry of academic woe, my life has taken a few temporary ups which I can at least be profoundly grateful for. But, breakdowns are breakdowns, so:

The one DE course accepted my essays (I'm still really, really worried about the other, I think I'm going to have to call the professor in charge) and I received them marked in the mail. Surprisingly, I did rather well on them for having rewritten them in the span of about 23 hours. Of course, they'd taken 10% off each of them, which dropped my mark (and my exam too I assume) dropped them from mid-80s to low-70s which is somewhat of a heartbreak if you think about it but I'll keep with just knowing I have a half-decent grade for them.

I sent a 2-page rant to my Children's Lit professor about my storybook assignment. It was less so the actual mark I got (although I was pretty disappointed with it, yeah) because I know the construction was a last-minute put-together and it showed. It was more so the comments--that I had no idea as to my target audience for the storybook, that I was deliberately vague and abstract in plot, and that I included an inappropriate picture of a man holding a gun. This last, I might add, is such a minor detail I wonder at why he would even think to mention it. In a generation and society which is raised on fairytales, I find it ridiculous that he can't make the connection between a picture of a man with a shotgun (which looks completely different from a machine gun tyvm, especially when noted as a shotgun in the text itself) and the traditional staple of a handsome hunstman with his rifle (which, I might add, looks a hell of a lot more intimidating in my opinion than a sawed-off, but to each his own) or the jealous neighbor who kills a man in his bed with an ax. Both of which I have seen pictures in actual fairytale books for children of. And I told him so. Just because I could. It wasn't the nicest thing to do right before Christmas, but I had a point to make and enough time to make it. So I did. ;p

I have a sneaking suspicion my Fantasy professor didn't get my Tigana essay (which is a very, very bad thing considering it's worth, what, 30%?) because I sent it through my yahoo mail rather than my waterloo account, and judging from the follow-up emails I sent, he only seemed to receive the ones from the waterloo. I think I need to send it to him again tomorrow.

I did worse in French than I'd hoped... which was odd considering how easy the exam was and the grades I had going into the exam itself. o.O; It could have been the participation mark, but I did reasonably well in-class, and the in-lab mark was only out of 5%... *is puzzled*

Next term will involve a polyglot of classes. I have one more that needs signing up for, but for now, the looks of things are like this: one English, one French, one Fine Arts, one Classical Studies. It's looking to be quite the mehhh term, but my pre-enrolling in classes that I thought were for this term were actually for next term, which is so far from a good thing, I could... do something. It's late (early?), I'm tired.

As for how things went after exams were over and Steph was (for a short while) Watcher-less and fancy-free, she set about completing some tasks that needed doing. These mainly revolved around the very domestic tasks of doing the laundry, cleaning her room, trying to stop her ceiling from leaking disgusting yellow-green fluids from the bathroom above onto her precious bookshelf/computer, and keeping our food from being stolen and consequently consumed by The Ogre.

Boyfriend was a darling and was able to spend a great deal of time with me despite the fact that he had to work, shopping for presents and the like, and generally putting up with my whole oh-we'll-find-something-there attitude which I know pretty much goes against his whole get-things-down-and-get-things-done approach. I'm even pretty sure we got slightly miffed at each other once in a while over it, because we're both terribly good at sulking (for a short time anyhow) although I'd like to think we're just as good at making up. I'd be less than comfortable in a relationship if we couldn't. All things considered, it all turned out pretty well I think. And I can't express in words how gleeful I was that we had our own little tree. ^^ It just wouldn't have been Christmas without it, especially upon going home and finding out they hadn't set up the big tree this year, only the garlands/lights.

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In between all these preparations, the boyfriend brought Steph to his work's Christmas luncheon. There was food and Steph partook. And it was yummy. None of the interaction that I'd been vaguely apprehensive about--you know, the who are you and why are you here? inevitabilities were I to get bogged down in any conversation. ^^;

Present-wrapping was also hilarious as we got to see the obvious differences between the two of us and the way we wrap. I'll visually measure out the right size of paper that I need so that I don't use too much of it or of the tape. The boyfriend tapes down everything. And decorates things pretty. Steph was impressed.

And after we had a pile of presents neatly wrapped and waiting on my bed, after a little bit of needling (which he so asked for, flaunting and waving them in front of my nose like he does) I got to open mine! Early! *purrs happily* And lo, what but before my eyes do appear? A shiny new PSP and cute little cat ears! (Me? Trying to rhyme? Nahhhh, must be Cat talking. ;p) which was one big ringing "...whoa" in my head 'cause. um. I hadn't exactly expected to ever really get my hands on another PSP for a very long time after the first one's untimely demise beneath the wheels of a hit-and-run. And and and... ears!! <333 You have no idea how much and for how long I've wanted these things. They are so cute!

Well I figured that was all because really, extravagance! (And here I haven't even found him something yet. ._. I really want to get him something nice too, but I've found nothing yet! D:) Especially since the night after was the night on which he took me and his parents out to dinner at Wildcraft. And I got to wear my dress.

Once we got there? There were flowers waiting! One bowl for his mom and one for me. ^___^ And god were they gorgeous and it was so sweet of them. *hearts*

And the food! Yummy, yummy food omg. <3 I also finished my wine, which is pretty good for me as I and alcohol will never be really good friends, alas. My face? So hot. Red, I don't know. But so. very. hot. One glass, man I'm easy. ;p

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It's making me hungry all over again. (The food, not the wine.) ;p But that could also be the whole it-being-six-in-the-morning-now-and-I'm-still-awake deal. Does that sometimes.

Right before we even got to the restaurant though, his parents came by--a little later than called up, which is what had the boyfriend all frazzled and thus there was much harrying of them to open their presents. And mine. I gots a present. :O Shocked was I indeed, especially since I found it hiding underneath my own bed! I've got my own Wacom tablet now, omg. *___* And it's huge. Like... twice the size of my father's that I'd been using which is already a pretty big one imo. So that was a very, very big :OOOO

Later that night we went out to Conestoga (after letting me change, it's chilly out in a dress and silver sandals, y'know?) to watch a movie. Since we'd pretty much seen everything else (and here neither of us used to be big watching-movies-in-theaters buffs) we went to see Enchanted which I keep thinking of as Ella Enchanted though I never read that book and hopefully never intend to. ;p It was... kind of stupid, kind of cute. Very modern-day Disney with the whole female-empowerment lesson for women, yada yada yada. ^_^ That, and there was an awesome musical sequence made better 'cause it was live-action. <3

That was a nice night. Of course the next day, I had to go home. :( I awoke, packed my bags, and ventured out with the boyfriend for lunch at the plaza next to the DC Center. After consuming foodstuffs, we made our way to DC itself and sat around for several hours alternating between talking, waiting, talking and waiting, and talking to other people on our cell phones trying to make plans or argue with parents. ;p I left, eventually. Was very sad. I missed him. But I Greyhounded my way down to Islington station which, for the first time since I've taken said Greyhound, there were parents coming to pick me up. When they got here, I had to cross the road to get to them. As a side note? The whole concept of stopping traffic generally isn't as noisy as it was that night. ^_^; The full night culminated in driving down to Square to a) pick up Nelson and b) pick up Mom's new crystal necklace from Swarovski which was very big, very shiny and very ostentatious. Very unlike my mom's usual style which was what surprised me the most. ^^

So we get home. First time I've been there in a whole month (and that's probably around the longest I've ever been away from home, can you imagine? Longest time I've been away from my family, that's for sure.) and I come back to the whole place all decorated and glittery and lit up inside and that was nice.

Most of the days being in Oakville were pretty run-of-the-mill... following the tradition began by me, apparently, everyone else ended up opening their gifts before Christmas too. ^^ It was quite nice, especially since I was the only one in the family who gave gifts this year. ;p ...Okay that's not fair. The parents gave us money when we couldn't give them a definitive answer of what we wanted for Christmas.

The other days were spent watching Nelson and Vicki play Ragnarok and resist the temptation to join in. Steph cannot allow herself to be sucked into that cesspool of life-consumption all over again! Must have willpower! And going out to dinner at Uncle... uh... Li's? I think? It's the place we usually go to for New Years Eve which is why the past few weeks have just felt odd to me, thinking the New Year's past even before Christmas came up. ;p It was... all right, I suppose. Actual conversation was made between all of us for the most part although the other girls are very good at being condescending which no one much likes, and the conversation was of the dull sort, where you wonder why you're even participating if you feel your braining getting stupider as you speak. Who cares about that much celebrity gossip anyway?

Christmas itself was had over at Uncle James's. And we're talking full-out Christmas dinner in that crazy Western way that most people do it in, which was exciting and new to me (Sarah and Laura looked at me funny when I told them that, but it's true, whenever I've done turkey it's always been asianified. I'd never tried cranberry sauce/stuffing before this year!) It was really good and really new and I had a pretty good time. Not bad for Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day involved going shopping and eating dinner at the restaurant that can make... I forgot what kind of melon soup. The really good, slightly expensive kind that I don't remember the name of except in Chinese. ^_^; We also dropped off Grandma and Nelson over at Suki's house which meant they couldn't spend their boxing day with us. Heck, I didn't even spend half of boxing day conscious! I was asleep 'til noon when the parents came back after their first electronics stores run and we eventually made our way to Square One where I actually bought things. A new purse for example, and a blouse from rk which made me happy 'cause it was a) marked down and b) fit me. :3

Afterwards, Florence, Dan, Boyfriend!Dan and I made plans to head off to somewhere (the final decision seemed to be Pacific Mall, figures ;p) and we were just waiting on a date. Then Florence caught the flu and a fever and couldn't go, I didn't hear anything about anything else from Dan on the subject so I assumed he wasn't going, so on the 27th it was just the boyfriend and me in Toronto. ;p All in all, there was much walking, much usage of public transportation, and the boyfriend booking a room at the Marriot for the two of us to while away a good many hours. Steph actually managed to nap too, which was nice. ^^ Also got to bring him to Pacific Mall which he's never been. Unless you count Chinatown, which I personally do, 'cause they're almost one and the same really. ;p

Then when I come back I find out that MSN sucks and wasn't letting my messages through.... just in time for me to be unable to discuss plans in IM with Laura. Eventually through email (about five on my end since my mailer daemon kept telling me they hadn't sent either) we decided on the 28th/the day after. And that was good. Got to meet Laura's boyfriend who seems really nice, and is an awesome cook! ^^ The two of them look so happy together it's so cute to see. And we were actually able to catch up a little on each other's lives, Sarah, Laura and I. Which was really great considering we hadn't seen each other in a while. We're going to have to try it again, sooner than about another year's worth of days like it pretty much was between this time and last. ^^;

Since then... nothing really. We got a new TV and so I had to help move the already gigantic one in the living room down into the basement. New speakers so that the new TV would have a new set of speakers to go with it. And a new laundry machine that turned out to be a mistake, wherein our order was put down wrong or somesuch and thus has to be order from backlog leaving us with this temporary replacement that likely belongs to someone else. ^^; My my. I'll be going back to Waterloo this coming weekend. Next week with be the new term. Crazy how fast this is all going. Let's just hope I can keep up!

And... yeah. Long post was long. And mostly of recaps. Well, I've skimped on writing all of this down while it was still happening, so I suppose it was coming to me. Still. LONG. And took me, what, three hours? It's almost seven in the morning now. Time for bed. There will be shoveling to do when I wake up, no mistake about that. ^^;

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