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05 January 2008 @ 03:58 pm
To serephita86:

*shrieks* IT CAME IT CAME!!!! *pounces on you and hugs you* I know you said probably on the 7th and I expected it then or later 'cause I figured you know, holiday season and all. But I ship out back to Waterloo today and so I checked the mail juuuuuust in case and there was the key to the large compartment box and there I bounced up and down with glee and then some little kid started imitating me right next to me and it was very cute--him, not me, I think I just looked ridiculous and--uh. well. FIREFLYYYYY!!!!

Thank you so much omg. <3 I'd been long considering RPing/writing Mal-fic and what better way to start than relearning everything about him? ^_~ Speaking of which, your present? Work in progress atm--I'm bad at doing these things all too quick y'know--but it's coming! <3

In other news: ... TIME TO PACK OMFG.
Current Mood: rushedrushed
Current Music: Joss Whedon - Ballad of Serenity
M.wolfgrin on January 5th, 2008 10:30 pm (UTC)
Your music is on its way. :)
Serephita: Panda!serephita86 on January 8th, 2008 06:29 pm (UTC)
OMG YAY IT CAME EARLY!!!!! =D *huggles and snuggles and all fun stuff* Amazon said it would probably come around the 7th, so thats why I said that date. XD And it was all gift wrapped and everything! ^_^ Aww no rush on my present. I'm glad you like yours though! =D I'm sooooo glad it came for you before you had to leave. That makes me feel warm fuzzy and slightly tingly inside. ^_^

p.s. I had a dream about IMing you last night...it was odd. XD And it involved your Firefly XD