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^^;; More J-rock fanfic

Yes, a new one. Beautiful Dreamer is getting done. But I had to do this for Aya and now I have. It's short. This is also the first part since I'm not at home. But once I get there, finish up the smut scene.... kikikiki.... that's so getting posted.

'Tis NC-17. Even though I'm not legally seventeen. *shrug* 19 more days. Convict me on a technicality.

Musical Interlude

Warning: Sadist!Hyde and Masochist!Tetsu fic and also with a tinge of PWP. NC-17. Technically. Of course, who really listens to the ratings anyway? After all… I’m writing this… and I’ve got a month or so to go before I’m legally 17… ^^ Beware of rather stereotypical plot because really, I haven’t the brain matter necessary to think up plot. This may actually be the closest to one-shot I’ve ever come. It comes in two parts. But since I’m posting both, I think the term one-shot still applies, ne?

Disclaimer: Laruku does not belong to me. They have their real lives, real thoughts, real emotions, and there is nothing I can do to bend them to my will in said cursed real life as it is possible to do through the realm of fanfiction. And so I shamelessly take their characters, and use them in the construction of my own twisted fantasy world. It’s better this way.


Part First: To Submit

I braced myself for it, clenched every muscle in my body tight… and I waited. The rushing impact, the thud of flesh on flesh… it was coming.

My imagination supplied the images for me… feelings, sensations—even before enough time had passed in order for something, anything really, of the like to happen. The stinging sweetness of pain, the parting of folds of flesh… there would be blood, I mused silently to myself, half-dreamily, there simply had to be. I felt my every drop of blood in my veins run hot with fire at the thought, and a shiver of anticipation ran along my skin, not with the cold of the chill air, but rather of dreamy anticipation.

Then I felt him collapse on me, and for a moment, it was as if everything, skin, muscles, flesh, bones… as if all of it had been stripped away and Hyde spilled against me, into me—an intimacy that I had never even imagined, not planned… and honestly never wanted.

It made me cry out, a long shuddering gasp that I couldn’t choke back. Instantly, I was jerked out of the haze of my fantasy world, and transported back into the chill that was my reality.

Hyde jerked back away from me. Yes, in my head I call him Hyde still. Not Hideto, not Doihachirou… Hyde. That’s what he’s made himself to be since I first knew him, that’s how he built himself up to be in my head. “Oh god Tet-chan?!” he gasped, hauling his body up and away from me, leaving my back cold against the sudden brisk wind. “Are you all right? Did I actually hurt you? What’s wrong?” He looked so flustered that the others, still quite concerned as to their leader’s current position sprawled against the glass (me), were nearly tempted to smile at the startled vocalist. Yes I notice things, even when dazed.

It took me a moment more in order to be able to focus on my surroundings again… the cold of the glass pane in front of me, the startled looks on my fellow band members’ faces as they turned around from their appointed places behind the revolving door… And then there was Hyde, his eyes reaching astronomical proportions as he reached down to haul me up from my position; sprawled on the cement and leaning heavily against the thick glass of the revolving door as it were. He was fussy about me when he was anxious.

I waved it away; bodily contact right now would be too much, too soon.

“Don’t feel well…” I grunted, only half-lying, hauling myself up and using the glass as leverage to force my legs (which had suddenly seemed to melt away into some useless substance like jelly) to hold up my weight. “Stomach problems I think.”

Hyde nodded slowly, his face set in a look of mild suspicion. But he let it pass (thank god), for the moment at least, and instead waved at the filming crew. “We’re taking a break!” he bellowed before I could stop him.

There was some grumbling of course, not the least of which, was coming from myself as I attempted to protest the uncalled-for break, but all were immediately silenced by Hyde’s perfected steely glare of death™ (yes even me) and I soon found myself being ushered expertly along to our waiting L’arc bus.

Because obviously we needed a bus for situations like this.

In any case, mere minutes later, I found myself with tequila in one hand, and Hyde’s frame in the othe—no, sadly that was just my imagination trying to draw me back into its devious fantasy again. Hyde lithe little frame was leaning against the small refrigerator in the corner of said bus. Far, far away from groping hands. Unfortunately. Oh god, what was wrong with me?

“So what’s wrong?” he inquired seriously, sipping at his own generously-poured drink.

Whether or not I thought this was a good idea while filming I did not choose to voice out loud.

Ken and Yuki had wisely chosen to stay outside to keep the raging director from barging in and being incinerated in Hyde’s unholy fury. One couldn’t wave that ring around if there wasn’t some basis in fact, could they?

Which left… the two of us. Alone. Someone up there, if there was anyone up there, had a sick sense of humor.

I slowly set the glass down on a convenient little table right beside me. Alcohol would in no way help me now. Not in this situation it wouldn’t.

“Nothing really… just feeling a little ill. We didn’t really need to stop filming you know…” I added, looking up almost reproachfully at my long-time friend.

“Is that all that’s the matter with you?”

Blast. There he was, Hyde being Hyde again. Always noticing things he shouldn’t. He noticed the worst things at the worst times, damn it.

I looked away, not daring to hold his gaze. “Yeah. That’s it.” Lies… Lies!

Gods, I hated lying to him… but… what else could I say really? I think I’m half in-love with you and want you to fuck me right here, right now, into the ground? Hmm... no. Lacked a certain sense of… class.

The words actually came out a bit curter than I intended. Hyde raised one of his perfectly arched eyebrows.

Tetsu looked away, unable to hold the other man’s gaze. “That’s it.” He repeated.

“I don’t believe you.”

I didn’t turn, and I tried my best not to cringe. Hyde suspected. Oh god. Oh god. Kill me now. “I don’t really care what you believe at the moment.” I said roughly, more tired than I ever thought possible to be, trying my hardest to make the best out of a bad situation by saving face… and failing miserably while I was at it of course, cringing internally as the words left my mouth. “Just… leave me alone for a minute.”

“Why do you want me to leave so badly?” he countered, and then he allowed his voice to go low, dangerous. There were the workings of quite a fine rage being built up in the slight build of the vocalist.

I felt a shiver run up from the base of his spine all the way up to his neck, despite myself.

What was wrong with me?

God. I threw up my hands, as if in surrender. I give up. “Ah just forget it. Let’s get back to work.”

At the very least, I could appear to be a leader who could handle anything. Even if it wasn’t true.

I moved to push roughly past the shorter man, not in the mood for gentleness. Sexual frustration at its best, I suppose. Or would it be worst?

Hyde didn’t budge. Bracing a hand against the fridge, he stood his ground, looking up the several inches (or feet) that separated us both from being eye-level. “You’re not answering me, Tet-chan. Tell… me… what’s… wrong?” He split the sentence in pieces, fragments, drawing out the words slowly, deliberately, that little half-smile on his lips both questioning and mocking at the same time.

I wanted to kiss him.

I wanted to smack myself.

I wanted him to do it for me.

I could feel another shiver work its way up my spine, and I jerked away. No man’s voice should affect me like this. Not even his.

“Nothing!” I rasped, my throat suddenly dry as the Sahara. Damn it, I cursed to myself, turning round and snatching up the drink Hyde had so thoughtfully poured for me, and tossed the entirety of its contents down my throat. Damn that man and that… that voice! That goddamned insinuating voice! There were times he cursed their vocalist for those vocal chords of his.

“Let me go, we’ve got to finish filming…”

On the plus side, I’d gotten his voice back.

On the minus side, my voice was not supposed to sound so shaky.

These two factors in no way canceled each other out in my mind.

Hyde nodded, slowly, as if the anger had slowly drained out of him. “Yeah… yeah I guess we should.” But he didn’t stop staring at me, all through our trek along the busy streets of New York. I noticed of course, could always feel his eyes on the back of my head, questioning but silent.

But there was really nothing I could do about it. My first instinct was to storm off and rage in private, but seeing as Hyde would inevitably follow to ferret out the whys and wherefores, that was entirely not a viable option. Besides, we’d stopped filming once on account of me and my fucked up self, I wasn’t allowing it to happen again.

There was no… no plot to this PV. It was half-assed to begin with. The boys, strolling casually down the streets of New York, a knife, people being killed… me being killed… and that was it. There had to be something more to it, something that could change everything, some sort of meaning. If only I could think of something!

…Besides fucking.

That was what I was busy muttering to myself, as I sat in my hotel room, taking another swig of the bottle of Jack Daniels on my desk, bypassing the use of a glass entirely. I didn’t smoke, but it was times like these when I was almost tempted to have a…


I jumped. I literally jumped, smacking my head against the hanging bedside lamp right next to my head. It helped my temper none. “God damn it!” I yelled, slamming a fist down on his desk, sending pens scattering down onto the carpet before I could help myself. I whirled on Hyde, barefoot, shirt loose and undone, tight leather pants a look of utter innocence on his face. He was teasing me. Teasing me I tell you! Hyde knew quite well I did not smoke. So why was he coming in here like some sort of sex god offering me things to put in my mouth?!

“Temper, temper…” Hyde commented, as he waved the confused hotel staff away from the door, shutting it tight behind him, and suddenly his face darkened dangerously. “…After all, I’m the one who should be angry at you… not the other way around.”

I stared, quite dumbfounded by the transition. “What?

It was only then that I noticed Hyde’s eyes. I had never known that brown eyes (he hadn’t bothered to put in a pair of oddly-colored contacts it seemed) could manage to grow that hot with suppressed anger. Until now, that is.

“I’ve seen you staring at me.” He continued, not turning away, even as blood raced to my face as I flushed beneath Hyde’s accusing glare. “I’ve seen you watching when you think I’m not looking.”

Well… I didn’t even try to argue with the truth. I had hoped I’d been subtler than that about concealing my… there was no other word for it… unhealthy obsession… better than that. Obviously I had not.

Apparently Hyde had been waiting for an answer however. “Well?” he demanded impatiently, flinging the unlit cigarette aside, and stalking even closer.

I wasn’t entirely certain how I’d ended up one moment sitting at the small desk afforded me in the hotel room, and the next backed up against the wall. But I willed myself to take control of the situation. I could be the assertive one… that’s what leaders did.

“Get out.” The words managed to sound strangled even as they left my mouth, but I had enough control left to me to keep my facial muscles from cringing as I noticed.

Hyde glared at me, anger even more apparent now, stark in every curve of his face, in every line of his body. “That’s it? You’re just going to tell me to go?” he shook his head forcefully, “You can’t make me go, damn it. Not until I finish with you.”

I gulped, unsure of the mental image that readily appeared with Hyde’s tactlessly chosen words. “And what is there left to say?” I replied, wishing my voice would stop shaking! For a fleeting moment, I saw the end of L’arc~en~ciel. We had barely survived losing Sakura… we couldn’t afford to lose their vocalist too. And with that thrill of fear, came the sudden irrepressible surge of… desire.

Damn it! I decided then and there that I was well and truly fucked up. What other reason was there for getting all hot and horny over the apparent pain that my vocalist and long-time friend could give? Because Hyde looked ready to throw cautions to the wind and slug me right then and there. And I found myself wanting it.

Yes, I was quite fucked up.

I looked away, “What do you want to say?” I repeated, trying to hide my face from the imposing gaze of the visibly incensed vocalist.


Two steps. That’s all it took. And then suddenly Hyde had me pinned against the wall—a rather ridiculous picture since I was at least a foot taller as my platform shoes were still half-on my feet.

“You wanna know?” his voice was a drawl, stretching each word out, snapping the end of each taunt… the long, languorous stroke of the whip, and the inevitable crack. I couldn’t stop the shiver that ran down my spine. Gods, even when he was furious, Hyde could still manage to be sexy.

Hyde eyes smoldered even more when he seemed to think that my reaction hadn’t been the one he’d been expecting at all. “You know what?” he murmured, focusing in on my eyes, so that I was unable to look away. He made a sudden sound from his throat that sounded like disgust. “I’m not even going to say it.” He growled the words now, low, rough, angry, sexy… I shook his head, trying to clear my thoughts into some semblance of order, sanity. Something, something besides smut!

“I don’t even have the words…”

Before I knew what had happened, I found myself picked up by the collar of my shirt and flung down against the rumpled bed (having taken a small, several-hour-long catnap earlier), smacking my head against the headboard hard enough to make me see stars. The lamp on the bedside unit went crashing to the floor. Neither of us took much notice however, as Hyde threw himself on top of my startled self already lying spread-eagled on the bed, and did nothing to soften the impact as he landed on my chest. Pain. Pain, oh god the pain. I choked as all the air left my lungs, and doubled over in pain. I wasn’t allotted time enough to get over this because Hyde had caught me by the back of my head, his fingers threading themselves in my hair, and dragged me back down.

I was left gasping at the rough treatment from a long-time friend… but Hyde apparently had no notion to let me stop and think, even with that dazed look that I knew had to be in my eyes.

“You like this, don’t you?” he hissed, tearing at the front of my shirt. Buttons flew as he tore it open, too angry, or frantic to undo them properly, exposing the pale flesh. “You’re actually getting all hot and bothered about this!

He grabbed my hands, firmly anchored them above me head, pressed down hard against the headboard with one of his own hands, and he locked his mouth over that of his shocked friend (me of course), tongue—oh god that tongue—sliding over my lips; the bottom one first, then my upper, then re-focusing its attentions on lathering my bottom lip as his own mouth sucked—gently at first, then harder and harder until I couldn’t help but let out a small mewl of pain. He pulled back in satisfaction then, obviously noting the dazed look of surprised desire on my face that I did nothing to hide.

Smirking, almost as if to himself, he bent down forwards again, letting his tongue run down the side of my neck, eliciting a surprised sound from my throat. He continued downwards, working, licking, lathering my flesh with is tongue, pausing only once or twice to press his lips down against my skin in a parody of a sweet butterfly kiss when all it did was promise more, ever so much more…

He stopped at my nipple, locking his lips down on it like he had my mouth, taking it, his tongue, god that devil-fire tongue, flicking down once, twice, and I groaned. Yes… this is what I wanted… yes, yes, yes…!

Oh my god, yes!


Sorry to leave you here. It's so abrupt. But... it switches POV. You'll get to know what naughty little Seme!Hyde is thinking!
Twisted Evil

On an unrelated topic... Aidan just asked me to his prom. The jerk. Actually, technically he asked me last night. But I was busy being self-absorbed about imminent failure on tests and summatives I completely forgot. I'm a good person, I swear. ~.~;;

If he's sick of his girlfriend, perhaps it's not the best thing to go hitting on her best friend. *points to self for clarification* How many ways can I tell that girl to dump his sorry ass?


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