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Posting is I!

Okay, so I haven't exactly posted about anything in particular of late, and so the boyfriend decided it was high time to pester me into writing a new post. :3 Never mind that he is, in fact, right in front of me. And is looking at me. Yes. Yes you. Yes I can still see you~~~!

Ahem. Anyway! Nothing much has been happening of late: there has been many things due/need to be done and several tests that needed taking already though it is only the third week of school. Perhaps I've grown way too used to the three-essays-and-an-exam academic route. Just as well, I tend to procrastinate then. Speaking of academics, I'm worried I might get kicked out of one of my classes this term due to an INC-that-shouldn't-be-an-INC-but-is-in-the-meantime-anyway because the whole issue's being discussed by people-that-are-not-me and I can only wait on tenterhooks to see whether or not my doom's going to fall and if so, why the hell they had to wait until after the return deadline for all these freaking expensive books. Oh. And. You know. Having the parents know I'm also an idiot. More pertinent worry I suspect, that.

Besides academics, I've been on-again off-again poking around bentolunch because that is so cute and I want to be all domestic and cute-lunch-making-able. Alas, I have no adorable little bento boxes (though on the subject, isn't this lovely? The pink one is too!), cute little soy sauce containers, or any idea how to make onigiri. :( Though that part I'm sure I can rectify pretty quickly, they don't look that hard to make, I just don't have any ingredients beyond just the rice. And even then, not the proper kind of rice. ^_^; I also have the issue of being lazy. Yes I know. Especially now that it's winter and very cold in the mornings, I don't want to leave my cocoon of blanketdom wherein I can pretend I'm a warm toasty cinnamon bun. This doesn't leave me a lot of time to get ready/pack a lunch if indeed I do pack a lunch.

Also, they never seem particularly satisfying-looking, just tantalizing. Most of the pictures I see have, like, one meatball here, one little slice of cheese-and-ham in the shape of a heart there, a bunch of seaweed punchouts, a piece of chocolate, and a layer of white rice (or you know, something of that sort). I is hungry come lunchtime, I do not want just a single meatball waiting for me (albeit in style) when I open my box! But this too I'm sure I can figure out too. After all... cute! And yummy!

Taken from golden_brownie from bentolunch without permission *shh!!* in order to illustrate the cuteness.)


MARI THE CD CAME. :D WITH MUSIC AND AWESOME AND LOVE AND DOMO-KUN. :D :D :D Thank you (and your dad) for them all, 'cause I love music and they're all so nicely labeled and my inner organization freak gleed over that because, well, I like it. ^^; *has been listening* THANK YOU AND AGAIN!

On other related note, the boyfriend is adorable. Remembering my post of the awesome sexiness of my squeeful Hitman post, he got himself a red tie. And then came to school dressed in a suit with said tie. And his jacket and gloves. Twice. And so the boyfriend was hot. <3 Enough so that other girls in library decided to hit on him in all his Hitman-y glory/take pictures. Hurray for fangirls! Hurray for boyfriend in awesome not-cosplay-but-close-enough-to-be-sexy-cosplay! And hurray for me for being such. a. geek. ;) It's a great way of being.

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