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29 January 2008 @ 12:00 am
Which means I get to do a little dance and yell out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYDE~~~~!"

'cause. Like. I totally remembered this year. And I did. A week ago. >.>; So it totally doesn't count as peeking if 4am_secret posted before me and I just happened to see it while scrolling through my f-list. ;p

In other news, I HAS BOOKS! *beams* Yes, I went to Chapters and I bought books. ^_^ As in all the Meredith Gentry books that are out in paperback, and one other one 'cause it was on sale for about $5. Totally silly of me, especially when they're not the greatest books in the world and the smut gets kinda... much. And, you know, swallows the plot whole. But! For reasons I cannot name, despite her decline in writing, I still totally love Laurell K. Hamilton and will for a very long time despite all the heartbreak of late.

Also? Group meeting today? Guess who showed up? Yeah, that's right. Me. And Nisreen. In a group of five. You know what makes me even more angry? It was on a day where I did not have class and so had no reason to be there except for meeting with a bunch of people who don't even show up in the first place. Remember this happening to me during my stint at Sheridan? Yeah, clearly it's going to be a recurring situation. And you know me, I absolutely hate being stood up. Almost above anything. So. So. Grrrrrrrrrrr.
Current Mood: busybusy
fenery: blonde hydefenery on January 29th, 2008 04:35 pm (UTC)
yay for Hyde's B day~! XD

and I luv buying books ♥
Stephanie: moombacloudmirroredsakura on February 6th, 2008 09:05 pm (UTC)
I totally confess I haven't kept up with him--or... really... uh... anything...--of late which I feel somewhat bad about and thus am even more determined to find out what all them titles L'Arc keeps coming out with before I stare at cdjapan's artist updates in confusion which I've been doing for a while. ^^; Determined, I say!

And oh god I know. I'm still not used to this ability to buy frivolous things for myself (...you'd think after years of this, it'd have caught on by now, but nope, don't look like it) and I've never been able to buy books I want until now. ^-^ Hurray for no longer needing to wheedle for a new book! (Okay, unless it's on a weekend and I happen to be shopping with my mom ^_~ It's hard being poor! ;p)
fenery: anna_chufenery on February 7th, 2008 06:07 am (UTC)
I hear ya :/ I'm the same way. Just can't seem to get the motivation up anyways >.> *coughKISScough* But I'm still trying~

It is! It sucks ass being poor lol!