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So, I was going to go to sleep, but the boyfriend apparently likes reading the blabber I put up here on LJ so I figure why not? I'll be up for a little longer anyhow knowing how my intentions and my reality like to work things out.

All in all, today was a good day. Went out for dinner with family friends, and the restaurant had a lion dance for Chinese New Years! :D It was awesome! Usually they're very brief and half-hearted, just a few circling's round the place, a little blinking, a little tail-wagging, but this was awesome. It was almost twenty minutes long and both of them went to each and every table to do the blessing-and-wishing-for-good-fortune stuff with the blinking and the ear-flopping and the swish-swish beard, but! Most of the people also gave out the lai si and so when the lions came over to take them, they also took the teapot and poured the tea.

Which was absolute HEART. The lion poured me tea. And I drank it. And it was good. :D Yes.

Also! I have been trying to write fic. It is ostensibly for serephita86 (who is getting mentioned rather a good deal in my journal for some reason, :3) 'cause, well, intention and all. But it is also rather to do with the fact that the muses are jumping up and down in my head and clearly there's nothing else to do with them except listen. What kind of Steph would I be if I didn't always have a new load of back-logged and unfinished fic? ^^;;;;; I've hit 777 words now. Completely by chance. I thought it rather cute and thus worthy of being noted down in the annals of history or at the very least in my personal journal.

I also cannot think of anything else to put down now except that I'm sure there'll be something of interest (at least to me to read in hindsight) in future days. So I shall leave this at that and try and go back to writing my femslash. It is hard. I has never done this before I has not.

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