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Because of course, you may not remember me. Yes, it has been forever. How are you? How are the folks? Are the starving pygmies treating you right?


Yeah. Okay, I admit it. Fully. I've not been paying attention to LJ or anyone on it. T_T Well that's not quite true either. I've had RPs on the brain. Because I caved. I couldn't do it. I had to start up again. Oh, the depravity!

Basically it started in this way: someone pounced on me on AIM and asked me to join their IJ RP which was all sorts of odd and weird as a) I'm hardly on IJ, b) don't really know anyone on IJ, and c) well... need there really be more?

But anyway, it was there in all its horribly misspelled, grammar-ed, and mediocre glory. The plot makes me giggle. Maybe I'm being harsh, but no one can argue against me on that point. It really is just that much out there. Enough so that it brought back some of the fondest memories of final_kingdom way back when though I hope to hell that place never resurfaces to snap at my heels.

As if this wasn't enough, I made a brave attempt at catching up on my f-list. Pages and pages and trawling through entries and entries of all the pretty things a consumer whore could ever want (why do I keep garagesalejapan and egl_comm_sales on my f-list? To tantalize my already-waning bank account? My wallet, she is so very not happy with me right now...) And then I came across rivelata, another RP of epic proportions. It was right at the top and so it was clearly meant for me. Or something. Ehehehehe. ^^;

And then croix_souillees up and found me on AIM as well and reminded me that I am, indeed, still part of spiral_rpg and that I still want to play an insane tentacle monster out to battle the forces of evil churches.

As if that's not enough, there is still fouryearsofhell to look ponderously at, if indeed it is still alive and faintly twitching. Kicking seems a little beyond its ability at the moment, but as we all know, such things can change. Which brings my grand total of current RPs to four. Four. And here I thought I'd take things slowly and not be an addict. ^^;;

Ah well. Aside from that, I've been playing games. :3 Yes, yes indeed. The boyfriend went and built himself a new computer whilst I was off in the distance (re: lying about my house during Reading Week) and since I've gotten back, I've had to squee over the prettiness that is playing Oblivion with all the shiny textures and mods and miscellaneous other pretties that I couldn't previously without killing the computer. Turns out it still does so now (blue-screened over 16 times while trawling through a single cave) and lags out a lot while warping but... well. Pretty! *_* Like you have no idea. And dude, I've got boobs. Saggy nondescript blue ones (and last time I took my clothes off, I had no nipples, but that may or may not have changed by now) but that's what you get when you take up a Dark Elf as your new character, I suppose. ^_^

Besides Oblivion, I made a very big effort to play Dungeon Siege II with the boyfriend. I really did. I just... got bored. Exceptionally bored. Really. :( It made me sad as I don't usually get so bored. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I'm playing it with someone else. Contrary to everything else I do, I really don't seem to play games well with others. Unless of course, we're beating each other to a pulp. That, I don't mind. But as anyone who's ever watched/played with me knows, I am not an exceptionally good leveler. I do not, in fact, know exactly what I'm doing when assigning skill points. I don't know how to properly specialize (or when I do, I avoid it anyway because imminent death by a plague of diseased rats seems a little bit more important than "oh my, but that means I'll have leveled too much in Marksman!" But that, of course, is straying back again to Oblivion. Point is, I don't really derive much fun in wandering through maps and jumping through a storyline too advanced for me because I do not play enough to keep on par with the boyfriend as he levels like nobody's business. That, and I get bored when someone else does all the killing for me. Possibly that's why I tired of playing Diablo II. :\

I don't suppose it can be much fun for him always having to save my ass (because damnitall does Taar always have to get her ass killed? She is a full two or three levels higher than either my main character or Dianora (I do love my little Scorpion Queen) and yet within two seconds of a revive, she's dead and tombstoned. Not even KO'd. Dead kind of dead. -_-;;) However! Despite the weird controls, I think I really could like the game, given time and probably some time alone to ferret out my way. That's how I got to liking Titan Quest after all, and I really do like most of the elements in DS more so than TQ. Speaking of which, I wonder if my Titan Quest character is still alive...?

Mmmm, aside from that (yes indeed, I've been a busy, busy girl) I've in the past few days also gotten myself involved with playing Unreal Tournament III. Which, I must say, is ridiculous amounts of fun. There's nothing quite like the squidgee of satisfaction that is watching your opponents explode into little gory bits from your flak gun. (Yes, I am indeed rather partial to the flak gun. The rocket launcher may take second place, I'm not sure anymore.) And of course, being able to watch your own gory bits of leg or shock-melted skeleton tumble across your screen is an... interesting feeling.

I wasn't too partial to the Capture the Flag games (too much time spent looking over Nelson's shoulder when he played one of the older games--I think?) because, well, there's all that teamwork to think of. And I'm not really that much help when it all comes down to it. Especially when you throw in large vehicles into the mix. Hello when did running for your life not be cool anymore? ;p But free-for-all? Okay, I get my little proud dance that I can a) totally cream the AI set to novice level (...what, do I look like I play that many FPS to you?) b) make it to 2nd place when playing with the boyfriend and c) kill said boyfriend. Determinedly. Impressively. Totally not by accident-y. That there's triumph, I'm telling you. ;p

On the side of the games that are not played with a keyboard and mouse, I finished LoZ: The Phantom Hourglass a while ago (I love the captain, awesomest cowardly shipmaster ever) and now I only run around in that game trying to finish collecting all the Wisdom and Courage gems because I am a touch OCD and need--need to have absolutely everything. <3

I've started trying to play A Link to the Past again (and having large amounts of trouble already, I am just that cool) but I was on a bus, I was tired, and I was impatient. And my butt hurt. Hurray for schoolbuses stuck in terrible weather/traffic conditions. Owwww.

Also, since getting home today I finally played some DDR. And did... well... not exactly stellar, but I didn't move altogether like the tub of lard I fear I'm beginning to over-represent. After which, I got down to playing some FFXII, because after all, owning a game and not finishing it is abhorrent to me (the two exceptions being Orphen and Dark Cloud. The first was just that bad, the second I don't want to play one without finishing the one before it and the one before it I'm stuck on the last battle and do not wish to go on). ;p Weird logic, I know.)

I hadn't played the game in forever, and so when I appeared in a desert, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and ran around haphazardly. When I finally realized that the direction I was going in was indeed exactly the way I'd come from (it wasn't a total loss, I did kill a gigantic turtle), I turned around and found my way to the right direction. And found myself faced to face with a gigantic HP-regenerating bird. That repeatedly attempted to kill me. Horribly. The guys on the pretty chocobos hinted that there were sandmen I could talk to, but as all the sandmen I met were consistently trying to kill me and didn't speak my language, I decided to go about killing the thing on my own terms. That is, battering the thing repeatedly with guns, bows, and a large amount of magic. Okay, small amount of magic. The majority of it was used for healing my party as they were dying. The fact that I became wise in the ways of a good Protect spell probably helped some too I think.

Well, after getting everyone except Balthier, Basch and Fran (perhaps Vossler, but I do believe he got himself dead-ed too) killed, I finally succeeded in killing the apparently omnipotent Avion. Thing. I hope that was its name. I did a little victory dance if indeed it can be called a dance if I never really moved my ass away from the sofa). I do like the game. Kinda. Sorta. Well... it grows on you. Like a fungus. Watching the screen idly as the characters run around killing things by themselves until the next boss battle comes around does get a little dull. It's why I like RPGs so much and don't like strategy games as much.

Aside from all that blather (I knew it would be long!) not much else has happened. The boyfriend and I are getting along spectacularly. Which is still so crazy-weird for me, as being so happy and content with someone day in and day out is so alien to me when I remember that yeah, they're not the people I've been living with for the past two decades, give or take some. It's nice. And I like it. ^_^

I went to Pacific Mall before I went back to Waterloo and bought myself a bento box. ^-^

It's a really big one, that's three tiers tall. Too big for just me to eat lunch out of, but it'd be nice for a picnic sometime or something like that. It was a little overpriced ($20 for one box) but, well, I'm not exactly in the price range of finding something wooden and beautifully lacquered and etc. after all which would require more money, and I don't know many other places that would sell for less. So, all in all, I will keep.

And then I bought little Engrishy lunch boxes of cute adorable goodness for $7. I'm hoping I will have time to be able to make something decent to put in them and will un-lazy myself enough to do it. That's one of my biggest complaints about Waterloo. :( No nearby Asian supermarkets of epic proportions. Perhaps I've gotten spoiled. Living in Markham and Toronto ensure such places, and coming to Oakville meant having free range of places in Mississauga. I've only seen one little one since roving this town (city?) and that's rather small and a little too far away to reasonably go to. You can only bring so much from home, but I'm determined! YOSH~!

That and some more Re-ment miniature foodstuffs concluded that bout of money-spendage (which I felt rather bad for even though I did do it to treat myself a little after Chinese New Years). Going back to Waterloo was utter, utter extravagance though, at least to me. A new computer to play on? A boyfriend who'll go out into the snow to hunt a pizza and chicken wings just for me? Natsuo Kirino's newest paperback novel? Richness! Utter, utter richness!

I... probably had other things to say, but evidently that was waaaaaaay more than I'd originally intended. Like I said. I ramble. Entirely too much. And it's five in the morning and I did promise croix_souillees that I'd write more of Revenant because I hadn't updated that in a while. I've a chapter almost, aaaaalllmost ready for posting too! Caelin's likely to be poking me to write too. I should best get on that.

...Later. After some sleep, I think.

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