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I'm here!

Because once again, I've disappeared a little, as my boyfriend enjoys constantly reminding me. (He has a huge like for reading my LJ even though the majority of it tends to cover events that he himself has been very, very involved in. Hrm hrm. ;p)

However! I would like to point out the fact that the reason I have not really been posting (or reading my f-list all that much either, shockgasp!) is because of him. Yes. Him. All his fault. Kinda. Mostly. You know.

Well it has quite a lot to do with him and the addictiveness that is Hellgate London. Which plays kinda like a cross between Diablo and Oblivion. And a little like Ragnarok because of course that's pretty much all the MMO I've ever played all compactified into one long, grueling term of finding a server that didn't suck. ^^; But here! Here the boyfriend a) actually bought a copy of the game for while making that utterly unfair woebegone face telling me I didn't have to play it... and b) went and paid for a 6-month subscription for me so that we could run around killing things in Stonehenge together. (This loosely translates to both of us running around in Stonehenge, getting killed a lot, entering the boss sections, having him gun down everything in our path, having me stand behind him watching him gun down everything in our path (because of course, he goes and joins me with his lvl 30+ chara to my dinky lvl 18-19 which basically means all the demons amp up to his level, not mine), having me occasionally run away, away, away from the stupid monsters that like spawning behind us, and me occasionally dying after a rather demeaning one or two hits to the brainpan 'cause... well... I armor good and all that. :D

Aside from that, it's that time again and Steph has a hell of a lot of stuff to catch up for. Especially in French. That scares me like you have no idea. :\ Also, term papers coming up and which I really need to work on. No games for Steph this week, possibly not for the week after. Mainly because once she gets started, it will go on for hours/most of the day and that can really only end in tears.

Of course, alongside that, I've been poking around recipe sites and stuff again (we've got to go grocery shopping tomorrow, and bits and pieces left in the fridge always makes me Google around wondering if there's anything I can do with them besides fried rice. ^_^;) That, and I still haven't used my adorable little bento boxes for lunching purposes which is all sorts of sadness because they're cute and I wanna. It's... yeah, pretty simple like that. Especially since I've found out I'm not altogether that bad of a cook, and I can bake decently enough to want to make cute things to look at. And, uh, eat. But look at first. Because I know I'm not very good at presentation and would like to mess around with that too. ^^;

One thing I'm considering? Thai coconut-mango sweetened rice. Which, as the title gives away... is kinda sweet. I'm thinking very sweet though I've never made it before, but the idea still appeals. I just don't know of any opportunity to do it, as I'm not exactly living in a place that lends well to dessert-making (and I'm pretty sure it's more dessert-food than actual meal-food). Perhaps just the once so that I can experiment. :3;; I also wonder if I could try that casserole-making again, this time cooking the onions a bit before putting them in the dish...

See? The possibilities! :D That's not even going into my considerations of amateur sushi-making! ^^

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