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If one loses their pet tiger, one must report it to the authorities within the hour

@.@ Too much work, too much studying, too many parents flitting about either yelling at me about studying or cheering me on to study. It's confusing.

That... and my newfound relationship which consists of... well... people acknowledging it. Okay, is a start. But... o.o No idea how long this will last. I make not for good dating, if any of the boys I've tentatively dated in the past have anything to say about it. *shrug* So I'm a bitch to date. High-maintenance or something like that. Ah well. Them's the breaks... I guess...

*sighs* The apathetic levels in me have risen. I do believe studying sucks a person's personality dry. Perhaps that might explain my disinterested attention on my next-door-neighbor's (whom Sarah has fondly nicknamed Stabby McStabStab for obvious reasons) about his decisions on blowing up little mice and watching them splatter. Huh. *belated cringe*

And... I don't wanna do this anymore. How many more days 'til graduation again? I know someone on my list was counting... >.< Need out of my house. Sister's leaving for Quebec on Tuesday. Jealous. Even though I'm really not. But she gets to be away from home. I get to stay and... well lookit that... study.

=.= I have not slept properly for nigh a week. I should do that. But noooooo, not allowed to. Need to study. Obviously. =.=

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