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And she rants:

But not really, because I am not coherent enough to do that justice. Suffice to say, Livejournal has long since been run on incompetence, and I've dealt with that as best as I'm able because I have long since lost the propensity for going up in arms about anything reasonably important to me. I'm not my boyfriend who can (and from the look of it, enjoys) putting everything into a clear, concise, reasonable argument.

So instead, I leave it for others to say in-depth, and I'll only summarize in brief. There've been problems with LJ for a long while now, most often stemming from 6A because they do not know what it means to run a company for Livejournal and how it differs from Myspace.

Now the problem lies in two things: the first with SUP, the other corporation that's taken the lines of LJ's big, bigoted goat. THIS IS WHY.

It should stand well enough that if you are a corporation, you do not piss off the people you depend on to use your product. Because the thing about the internet? It's all too easy to just up and jump ship, and oh-so-many people already have.

The second thing: THIS story and THIS rant sum it up pretty well.

All said and done, it's censorship in a big way, and an underhanded attempt at that. Some LJ representatives have come out with a vague explanation that it was a mistake, but how exactly do you accidentally filter stuff like "fandom, boys, girls, sex, faeries--FAERIES? THEY'RE HORRIBLE, BAD, CHILD-MOLESTING FANTASY CREATURES NOW?--yaoi, fanfiction, pain and depression" from being searchable and showing up on users' interests? Honestly.

This is all getting stupider every month that goes by, and while I'm pretty sure I'll never really leave LJ completely, I really do believe my IJ deserves a little more love than its been getting lately. So: Strike on Thursday/Friday, anyone?

You can finding me nosing at the grass on the other side.

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