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Testing, testing!

So this will be an adventure--using Semagic to try and post to two journals at once. Because like I said before, I've been neglecting my IJ something awful and I'd really rather not. It's precious and I've also spent entirely too long fixing it up this weekend to let go of it for a while longer yet. ;p Somehow, probably when I was duplicating entries from different journals, it doubled pretty much every single entry entered in from 2003 to 2008. This I couldn't let stand so this weekend involved a trip through memory lane where I relived my days of whinging over family squabbles and boys that I liked. Go me, I r so typical. But anyway, that's done.

Yesterday involved going out to Pacific Mall again. There was no real purpose to the visit besides Vicki wanting to go out and me wanting to buy Play Arts figures because I am a self-admitted dork of the world. And so we went and I found one and I bought it and all was well. Hurray for a cute Aeris doll at last! My collection now has a figure (that is not KOS-MOS for she's not exactly an action figure, nor is she FF-related) that is female at last. And who has ridiculously slender fingers. There was a Tifa too (isn't there always?) and a Yuffie, but one semi-extravagant purchase at a time. ^_^

After that, Vicki performed a shopping service for someone-or-other's mom, and we trundled along a long while, got Steph tired in her very, very broken shoes, and hied off to eat. An uneventful trip that didn't even involve anyone hitting on us or me getting bitchslapped by some sad excuse for an ita-loli because I can be a horribly catty bitch. :3;; As you might note, I'm rather distracted at the moment and so will soon be turning my attention elsewhere, but! first a recreation of some of our conversation yesterday. I love my baby sister. ^.^

Vicki: It's like mom was saying... "The people who go to anime conventions are... are... are... dangerous! O.O!!"
Vicki: And I said, "No mom, the people who go to anime conventions are losers. Just like us."
Steph: It's a good way to be.

I'm contemplating AN this year, largely for old time's sake or whatnot. Heaven knows I haven't been able to watch any anime series through since Ouran (and you know how long that lasted). Am thinking maaaaybe of dragging along a couple more friends who've never been before, but me knowing myself, I'm not exactly likely to be the one in the know of showing people a good time, exciting person that I am. I do want to see Caelin all artisty at her AA table though! :3

Aside from that... I hear Crisis Core's coming out! :D On Tuesday! :D Eeeeee~!!!

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