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Busy busy...

It seems that I'm always running into problems with each and every term of my academic career, and I guess this term wasn't allowed to go against that particular pattern... as of right now, I'm not able to sign up for courses for the next term because the next term does not appear at all on Quest. :\

I've had this problem before in my first year, but that was rectified early on thanks to one of the counselors. I'm just not sure if this time, it's that same problem again, or if it's like that because I've been officially kicked out of the math faculty and have not yet been picked up by the arts. It's a puzzle, that, and one I'm not sure who to contact about. ._.;; This I'm going to have to find out soon.

On other, yet related topics, my French oral test has been moved demain à partir de 16.30 ,au bureau ML338. Hmm hmm. So long's all I've got to do is read out the dialogue I've written. Fine and dandy. Now the test afterwards, that'll take a bit more studying. :] I've another paper due a couple days from now (Thursday) which I'm going to have to work on, and after that, a complete version of a manual, a final presentation, and miscellaneous extra parts for Tech Communications. From there, another paper for Criticism 2, a lab test in French (probably not altogether in that order, but main events are main events), and then exams. Chock-full of fun and games, definitely.

That out of the way, I've finally managed to watch L'Arc~en~Ciel's DRINK IT DOWN PV. Aaaaand... I like it. :3 It's a little ways removed from their usual style, but not in a bad way. That may or may not have anything to do with the fact that I have a large and very obvious like for vampires and an even more obvious like for a band that's gone and gotten themselves both killed and raised again as the damned sexy undead within the span of one shiny new song. What can I say? Removed so long from haruka over at Pieces, I've gotten shallow again or something. ;p What can I say? He generally gets my mind going in different directions it wouldn't otherwise go.

Speaking of Pieces, the random section needs work. o.o; I've come to that conclusion... I'm not exactly the presence I once was there, and my section has grown a little too big in order to reflect that, I guess. Of course, my usual strategy has oft been to lock a thread and delete the useless comments, but no one reads anything on the latter pages anyway, so that's a pretty stupid way to go about things. That's why I'm just up and deleting all the old stuff. Kinda makes me reminiscent though, 'cause some of them are from alllll the way back in 2004 and, well, who didn't have fun then? ^^

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