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Holy shit

Okay, this must be my day for spamming my journal, but this I so very much needed to post. So. Very. Much. Needed. To.

I never ran into the first Dead Fantasy I but I've seen it now, and I went "holy shit that was epic". And then I went on to part 2 which was just released at Anime Boston not too long ago, and went "oh holy shit some more.

...The synopsis is basically Dead or Alive chicks vs Final Fantasy chicks. Over the top, physically impossible, but when has either series ever paid much attention to such things? All in all? There's YUNA AND RIKKU AND TIFA AND RINOA AND KAIRI KICKING ASS. That's plenty. @.@ Beats Advent Children's fight scenes almost all to hell in my (totally biased) opinion. <3!

The second part's out HERE and apparently there's more to come of even more epic win.

Hot. Like you wouldn't believe. Nngggghhh. ♥ Materiaaaa~~!

All done by montyoum. Who, I might add, has more stuff apparently that I have a very large, pressing need to discover and subsequently watch.

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