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Okay, so, here I am getting started on my epic, awesome, incredible, etc., work ethic and the shininess of being able to get things done. And then I check my email because that's where my task list is written and lo and behold, I find in the whole of the one day I wasn't online, I've gone and received over 30 emails. Obviously this could not be ignored.

In the process, MSN signed on and I found out Vicki had messaged me yesterday with a STORY! And there were PICTURES! And, and, and... d'aww, I heart my baby sister.

Vicki: shtephie! ^^
Vicki: i made a story for you =D
Vicki: 1: D:!!

Vicki: 2: ;___;

Vicki: 3: =D!!

Vicki: the end! i hope you like it >=]

...*heeeeaaaarrrtttsss* Clearly she's getting more mileage out of my Play Arts/the Barbie playset than I am! :D (Also, excuse the mess that is my room the play area, apparently. ^^)
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