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Kinda-sorta calm before the storm

Lukewarm of a statement though that may be. ;p

Well, in any case I feel vaguely accomplished. Emails of academic purposes have been sent (not to the Registrar yet, I want to double-check some things first which I can't do until Quest is up, which won't be until tomorrow morning) and I've actually managed to complete the fic I needed to write for the April 1st challenge over at takoyaoi_love (really, with a name like that, who couldn't love? ;p). Hello accomplishment? Sorta? ;p

Tomorrow's our last day of Tech Communications, which means we're doing our final presentation (currently, our slides look like kind of a mess, the background's messed up though I think that should fix itself easily enough) and also handing in our final report. Whoooo, a term-ful of frustration is nearly at an end! I don't hate my group as for the most part they do their parts decently and can be counted on to usually get things on or around the deadline of things (...that may or may not be a generous way of putting it, I'm not sure, I'm in a good mood tonight for some reason), they just... frustrate me. Or that could be me and my dislike of relying on other people. Shrug, shrug. ^^

I have a paragraph of user testing methods left to write up which won't take a minute and then I'm free to either sleep or play something. I'm banking on doing a little of both. :) It's like bliss. A little fake around the edges, but if you don't point them out, I won't either. >.>;;;

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