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Dear Self,

High School Musical 2? Numbs your brain. Please avoid contact with it in future. Or at least in its entirety. There were maybe two songs buried in there that you aren't vaguely embarassed to have blasting out of your speakers and that your ears didn't automatically shut down over. You know this, I know this. Anything more can only end in tears.

However! Zac Efron has pretty eyes. He'd also make a good uke. I like that that made your brain zoom right past HSM2 straight on to Hairspray although you were kinda meh about that one too. Silly rabbit. You need sleep. Get some. Now.


This message brought to you by Steph's backup generator, warning: all primary sources have been disconnected, vital and cognizant functions have now been terminated, all systems shutting down. Thank you for your cooperation. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Whoo../a.fasjla;sfk *flop*

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