Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

grumble grumble

My internets, they are not working. :(

...Well. They are. Kind of. I've got MSN. Just nothing browsable in either IE or Firefox. I had the sneaking suspicion it was because the firewall decided to block them again, but after trying to see, it freezes on me like it so likes to do, and after getting rid of it, and after glaring at it in an intimidating fashion, I finally decided it was simply not meant to be, and instead focused on cleaning up/out my hard drive.

However, I'm sneaky and clearly a genius (aside from being incompetent at dealing with the whole internet issue) and so I'm using Semagic in order to update LJ. Mmhmm~! You see what I did there? ;p

Now what is there to say? Not much. I went job hunting a little, dropped off a resume for two jobs at the library, thinking of applying for a third there because I like the sound of $26.75 per hour, you know? On the way back, my mother pointed out my appalling footwear (which I very readily agreed with as my shoes, which were dubbed by an awesome coworker long ago as the "rocker boots" are in bad, bad, bad shape) and proceeded to go shoe-shopping with my sister and I. I did not complain. The shoe love took its time, but it's come and I was giddy. :) And bought boots. And they're pointy. Which makes my feet look funny but they're cooooomfy and how many pointy-toed boots are actually comfy? :3 Not many in my experience.

Also: my hair, it has been cut. ;p It's been bugging me for a while because I have waaaay too many split ends. Sorry, had. And now they're gone! GONE! *flails head around*

This is my story. And this is the end. :3

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