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Heh, it has been forever and a day since I updated (read: three weeks or so?) and that was precisely the reason why I continued to avoid posting. So much has happened in the past three weeks I don't know what to relate and how to do it. Procrastination? Me? Why would you say that? :O

Anyhow! This is what happened. (Note: I had to keep a calendar open in order to help me remember all this)

So May 10th (May 11th if you're a) my boyfriend or b) picky) marked one year's worth of dating the boyfriend. And we did stuff. What exactly we did neither of us can accurately recall, but I'm inclined to think we hauled ass over to Burger King for dinner and went home to play Hellgate until the early hours of the morning. Our lives, they are so exciting. ;) And geeky.

Of course, it was all very up-in-the-air, our plans for that weekend. Mostly because I was in the midst of transition between Waterloo and Oakville. The boyfriend was a sweetheart the week before--he wasn't sure he'd see me/didn't know where I'd be on our actual anniversary so he arranged for a giant vase of roses to be sent to my house in Oakville. Completely unexpected, the flower man made jokes, I was bowled over and couldn't see over the top of the three dozen long stems. @.@; It was very wow. And nice. :3 And then I did all sorts of silly things like burst into tears and hide when Vicki chased after me with the camera.

However, it ended up that only a few days later, I got a call that necessitated me to go back to Waterloo, and so I was actually there for our anniversary! :3 I made a joking mention that I always seem to have been in precisely the wrong place whenever I received flowers from him in the past (always have to go home for the weekend, reading week, etc. without a chance to watch them open) and so he told me to pick some out while we were at the grocery store. It was cute. It's always been funny to me whenever people ask me to choose things for myself as a present: my birthday cakes, what I want written on said cakes, what presents I want, what flowers I want, what they should go in, etc. ;p It saps a little of the present-ness to be made to pick them out and carry them home to myself, myself, but it was really sweet and I had a vase of tulips to keep on my desk! ^__^ They're such nice, Springly flowers and even better 'cause they're inexpensive which is always good in my book. ^^

Aside from that, the reason I actually ended up in Waterloo again was because I was invited in for an interview at a company there. After much soul-searching and tearful discussion with my mom (I love my mother, she puts everything in perspective for me, outlines what choices I have for my future, gives advice, and tries to encourage me to make my own decisions... something that was strongly discouraged during my childhood and which the parents are now trying to change), I decided to make the interview and try for the job in Waterloo.

The job itself? Hahahahaha what a mistake. It worked out all right, I did really well during the personal interviews (not so much in group, but I fully admit to being a little slow in orienting what I want to say in my head) and got the job, training starting on the next weekend (incidentally: Mother's Day and my one-year anniversary with the boyfriend).

The training sessions turned out to be a long series of brainwashing sessions. Very dull, a lot of filling in the blank and role-playing the stuff I'd have to say while making a presentation. It was for Vector Marketing, the company that sells CUTCO knives. Ugh. Very ugh. Six hour sessions on my Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, wherein bathroom breaks were not allowed and eating was discouraged. Yay, illegal?

All in all, it was horrible. I distinguished myself admirably enough I guess: I impressed the manager, was taken into consideration for the faster elevator program in the company, but it was all so... shady.

For one thing, they discourage the sales reps being trained together from talking, even after hours. The manager took it upon himself to follow us out, listen to our phone conversations, try to break us up, and forbid several of us to take rides with each other simply because he was our manager and he didn't think it was a good idea and since he needed to talk to several of us, the rest of you should go now, okay? Lots of appointments to keep, you'd better hurry. Stuff like that.

By the end of Friday, I'd already pretty much made the decision I wouldn't be staying at the company (largely because it revolves around the sales reps making calls to their own contacts--startig with friends, family, etc.--and I'm not one to willingly give up my family's and friends' information to them when they are so scarily eager to get it. Really. Lists of people we know. Lists of people they know. Lists of people we know who'd want to join Vector. Phone numbers. Ages. Marital statuses. Employment information. No cash, just credit card numbers. Come on, we'll give you free stuff if you do! (Note: the girl who won the free stuff (twice, a vegetable peeler both times)couldn't afford to buy the sample kit the sales reps use and so was thinking she'd be forced to quit and so the manager told her that he'd have to take them back as they were for employees only) I told the manager as snobbily as possible (note: it was on a Saturday) that I'd have my accountant draft a check for him for the sample kit (thereby allowing me to postpone the decision to quit for at least a day more to figure my final decision) and he threw a tiny fit and told me if that was true then I'd have to get my money somehow. Do you have a credit card? How about your friends, anyone willing to lend you money? What about your mother, wouldn't she want to help you out? Perhaps you should go out and call her and ask her for the money. I'll wait. Ugh!

For the job itself, the requirements are weird and such that I'm not comfortable with. Call anyone you know, try to set up an appointment, try to sell them things, try to get them to give you references, meanwhile telling them exactly what to say. Go to their house. Forget travel time and gas (if I had a car and is not expensed by the company though the manager hinted that he would for some of it) I am not comfortable in going to strangers' houses. Less so when the manager tries to explain the fun of sometimes having to stay over for the night. No. Just... no. Personal opinions aside, any company that actually advocates that and completely ignores the sales reps' personal safety is one I'd junk regardless. Also... how many people do I know that are over 25, are married, and are fully employed that I am willing to call up and announce that I want to sell them stuff? (I wouldn't get paid for showing them to anyone else.) -_-

Other notes... one of the guys from the training group was still in high school. His mom wrote him a cheque for the sample kit and the manager said no, sorry, but he couldn't know for sure whether or not this was actually his mom's or not, he'd need to take her driver's licence number for proof. WTF? The guy quit too I think, but I'm pretty sure he left behind the cheque. :\ I did tell him that he should have gotten it back, I wonder if he followed up on that. And apparently this company has lawsuits and class actions filed against them like you wouldn't believe. You'd think that'd be a hint, huh? Grrrr... such a waste of time, and at the end I couldn't make it back in time for Mom's Mother's Day dinner on the Saturday. :( The boyfriend and I sent her flowers to try and make up for that.

Enough about that (although it's the first time I've ever started a new job and quit after the third day and so required full documentation for posterity ;p). After that fiasco, I was rushed out back to Oakville because I was again jobless and had an interview for a position with the Oakville Library. It was long and took a lot of talking, but I didn't get it. (It did give me a chance to finally get an Oakville library card though.) I found out the results on the Friday, while the interview had taken place on the Thursday so it wasn't much in the ways of waiting.

That weekend, I went out to Pacific Mall with my parents on the Saturday. I bought little foostuffs. (The Re-ment food things, but not necessarily from that brand) because they are cute and I can set them up in the Barbie thingummy in my room because I'm a child and I like my toys. The Sunday, I went out again to Toronto to be with the boyfriend and also to see Caelin whom we went out to lunch at Spring Rolls with and discussed plans for Anime North. As she had to work 'til 8, the boyfriend and I wandered trying to make a the Dirty Dancing show, got lost, gave up, and got a room at the Marriot where we could shower, watch movies, and nap. Dinner was at a diner and it was yummy, Mac and Cheese though I ordered. (Dude, there's macaroni and there's cheese. Resist? Me? Noooo.)

I stayed out that night since we still had the room and I'd missed the last train home and we'd hadn't gotten to see the sights the boyfriend had been hoping for, for picture-taking purposes. We went the next day, Victoria Day, to the CN Tower which was made of lines and people and squalling children, but you knew that. ;) After that, I do believe I got us lost on the subway/the outside world for a while before abandoning the aboveground trek and going back to whence we came. The parents had decided to come out that day too (holiday, no students, no stores open in town, why not?) so we met up with them for a little Chinatown, a little dinner, and then Dan found out he'd missed the last Greyhound so Dad was amazing and decided to drive him home to Waterloo.

The week that followed was not altogether spectacular. UW doesn't really offer me much in the way of actually letting me finish my degree though I've only two terms left to complete, so I was looking into Sheridan again. And it turns out that the September term doesn't offer semester 2 stuff, which is what I would need to take, having already finished semester 1. Either way, UW or Sheridan, I'd have to wait 'til January before I can do school again. :| This is a little worrying because this means I've no longer got health insurance from my father's company if I'm not a full-time student. Here's hoping I don't fall ill...

And then! Only a day or two after that, I get an email from the boyfriend saying he has a potential job for me lined up in Waterloo. :O Yay! So I went back in on the Friday (Fedbus, oh how do school bus seats manage to be so uncomfortable?) to meet up with the boss (which she actually couldn't make and I was left waiting for over an hour before I could manage to phone her/read my email and figure things out). Either way, it looks like I've got the job, and so I've zipped back out to Waterloo to make my medical appointments. It's a full plate tomorrow (er... today...) with dentist, doctor, gyno. Hmm hmm. All manner of fun, no?

All this has basically meant that I was not able to go to AN this year. Again. :( Very sad. Although I suppose it's not so bad. I had fewer people I actually was able to contact about trying to meet up with (not having AIM atm and not exactly on top of things LJ-wise) so I guess that's a few less other people to disappoint. ^^; I did want to see how Caelin's Artist Alley table went. She promises she will make me a Heartless plushie for my very own afterwards (one of the things she was selling) but it's not the same!!! Oh well. It'd have been too late to go, and really, if I just wanted to go on the Saturday, left Waterloo at around noon, and would be standing in line for hours, how much time would there have been to actually enjoy myself then? Exactly.

Besides! What we did instead was invite Ronsen and Colin over for a dinner of steak, soup and potato salad. :3 And ice cream. And chips. And juice. But that's fluff. And it was yummy. And fun. And then Colin left early, but at least Ronsen stayed around to challenge all and sundry to UT competitions.

I managed well enough when it was UT3 but less well in UT2004. One of the greatest problems was a) I'm not that good at Capture the Flag and b) in UT3, when I kill someone, they explode into large gory bits. It's loud and it's obvious, I know they're dead, and hee okay, it's a little emotionally satisfying in a slightly morbid way. In UT2004, you shoot them and they'll ricochet, bounce in the air a little. But it looks almost the same whether you've just hit someone hard enough to send them flying and to actually kill them in the first second. And a second is a long time to take to figure out that hey, the dead guy's still shooting back. And without the auto weapon switch after ammo's gone and the volume of shooting noises turned down, I don't know when I actually run out of ammo until sometimes a little too late. :\ More practice needed, I guess?

All in all, with the introduction of Melanie later on in the mix, it led to a great deal of drinking and drunken UT. I did my part. It was a dash of vodka, a lot of ice, a lot of pina colada mix that all in all made up half of an itty bitty plastic cup that I didn't quite finish. What? I don't really like drinking, and I had an interview the next morning. Sense. I make it. ;p

To end: Ronsen left at around 4. I went to sleep. I got up around 9:30, shoveled the boyfriend out of bed around 10:30, went to the coffee shop to meet the boss, waited a little more than an hour, went to Colin's, was pacified by the lovely weather, the cherry trees, actually getting the boss on the phone, and the rest of the steak for lunch. ^__^ Om yom yom yummy. Left at around 4:30 to go home, pack stuff, dilly-dally shilly-shallied a little too long and juuuust missed the bus going back and so had to wait a good half hour and something for the next one. The boyfriend and I grouched at each other. I got on the bus at 6. I was sad.

Am home now. Vicki has a cute lunch box. I've stolen her laptop. I'm going to sleep as I didn't exactly mean for this entry to take two hours to write. Short sentences are good. Yes. The end. :O

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