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Keeping Up

So I made the resolution to update my LJ oftener to all and sundry as well as to myself and until all of two seconds ago, I thought I made good on that mini-resolution. Alas! how time flies! For here I return just in time for LJ to tell me it's been a week since my last confession entry, and here I'd hoped for something not-quite-but-almost daily. Ah well.

There has been nothing tremendously exciting to date, which I suppose is all to the good. However, the boyfriend enjoys prodding me to update my blog, because, as he puts it, there are a great deal of people who are very interested in knowing the ins and outs of my life, most of whom I've never met. Fancy that, I have fans! :3

The week at home was nice. My mommy made me food and it was yummy. And then on the day I left, my daddy made me a sandwich and I made him a soup and we actually ate lunch together. :) It was almost like old times again except I was never this much at a loss of what to talk about with my own father. However, in this I shall be an optimist.

When I came back to Waterloo on Friday, I did not meet up with Cherry or either of the boys, but I did learn that they'd gone back to Mississauga for the weekend regardless. Busy, they are. Apparently midterms are already two weeks away. Yikes. Anyway, I made dinner that day! :D And despite all the things that went wrong, it didn't turn out bad. In fact, I think I did rather well, even if I ignored all the known rules of defrosting and cooking fish. ^^; At least no one else complained (to my face at any rate ;p). Of course, it meant the last of our giant bucket (and when I say bucket, I mean BUCKET) of potato salad. Sadface. I like potatoes.

Speaking of food! In the hopes of making food that looks pretty (because I'm a dork like that and both and bentolunch are way too addictive sometimes) I went and bought this! It's a HELLO KITTY ONIGIRI DECORATING SET. And you may laugh but--well, actually, there is no but. You really can laugh. It's silly. But motivating all at the same time, and hey, that can't be a bad thing, right?

Continuing the food-oriented train of thought, the boyfriend made pho on the weekend for two nights running and it was yummy. It was not as I was used to and I think that disappointed him even though I told him they were very om-yom-yom-worthy and took seconds. :( But I diiiid like them. I diiiiid. Funnily enough, we ended up going out for more pho (at a restaurant this time) where we also had spring roll accompaniments. Pree~ Apparently the boyfriend didn't like the spring rolls and bequeathed to me the new knowledge that it is generally a Chinese thing to order the kind that I like. Mysterious. Perhaps, despite all outward appearances, I am truly a typical Chinese girl. :O Just. You know. With a little bit of stupid mixed in. I was clearly meant not to be too awesometastic.

What also occurred was a trip to the bank (the boyfriend wanting a new Visa), a trip to the bookstore (where the boyfriend sneakily ninja'd the books I wanted to buy while I was busy turned away and counting the money I had in my wallet and surreptitiously bought them all for me @.@), and later a trip to the drugstore (where we got caught in a sudden shower of DOOM as we headed back home juuuuuust missing the bus by a couple seconds worth of sprinting). I now have my pills, and all is well in the world (or should be, I shall wait with bated breath to see if I feel sick to my stomach again or other miscellaneous side effects) except for one thing--it seems that I actually walked out of the store without paying for them! o.o; From the looks of it, the lady did plunk the sticker that alerts the door alarms on the bag but it looks like it's come off, and I was so busy scrabbling for the Shoppers card that I simply forgot about it, scatter-brain that I can be. Oops.

Last but not least, we have found the Ogre's diary. It was in the kitchen and so the boyfriend and I unscrupulously took it and proceeded to read it. Yes, we're mean horrible people. And I'm curious by nature. And just in case she really is mental. It provides us with much lulz. This is an installment (with commentary of course. I've tried to keep the colors true to life, and the spelling, but alas, her appalling writing cannot be mimicked as easily):

Dan is an extremely hard worked I have noticed as he stays and works in his room for very long hours working on the computer. He has Stephanie and Tiran and Jessica and me as his friends and roomates, plus he has friends over too. He has a memorable + beautiful singing voice. He eats a lot of shrimp and rice. He doesn't like to read, but is an avid computer games player.

(The boyfriend, he does not sing. No. No really he doesn't. Nor is he friends with her because he hates her and constantly--and loudly--wishes she would die, put a brick through her face, death, destruction, pain, suffering, agony, etc., etc. It is also creepy to note down what other people eat. Especially since no sorry, he doesn't eat a lot of shrimp. Rice is a gimme, he's asian.)

Stephanie is a very unobtrusive roomate. She spends a lot of time talking and lau-ghing with Dan. When she isnt with Dan, she reads books for her English major. She too has a beautiful voice and matches accompniants or singers who are singing major hits. She does the majority of cooking for Dan and her. She sticks for Dan when I am in disagreement with Dan.

(I don't do the majority of cooking. I do the majority of baking though because I believe the boyfriend is terrified of the oven.)

Tiran is not at the apartment very often, although he is married and living with Jessica. He works in a night club work-ing the lights for male strippers. He strongly dislikes racism. He is now powerful mostly because of his mother Ruth Watty. His father is the pulitzer prize winner of the book Fine Balance.

(...I actually have no idea where the fuck half of this comes from. His name is Terron. He does not work the lights for male strippers--in fact I do believe Dan once dropped a joke that Terron was a stripper, but that's as close as it comes to this--and he has never said a word regarding racism. The power thing is pretty @.@-worthy, the random name assigned to his mother more so, and the Pulitzer prize is so out there I need not say more beyond what the flying fuck?)

Jessica isnt here that often either. She is a student leader at the Inversity of Water-loo. She always is prepared and dresses beautifully with great boots and purses. She watches her weight. She is very quiet. I know very little about it, er her, except she visited Japan; her mother died when she was young after her father sexually abused her; and she has a very high IQ and dislikes racism.

(Again, more wtfuckery. Her mother is still quite alive, and there has never been any mention of sexual abuse, her IQ, or her stance on racism. Ever. Schwaa. Unless the ogre gets her ideas of racism from the fact that Jessie is dating a black guy, as I've come to the conclusion that that she is a hilarious white supremicist.)

Anthony is very prin quiet and spends the majority of his time in his room and pro-bably in prayer. Formerly he was mar-ried. He has meals that he likes to rotate including hot dogs on bread with coleslaw and breaded chicken with fries. I think in the past he may also have been a fin-ancial planner. Anthonys closest friend is Peter.

(...Durr. Anthony is a flaming homosexual and we have had several long, loud conversations discussing the hot mansex that is having one pretty boy and another pretty boy in bed (or the counter, or the couch, or I could go on) together. As one of those conversations involved the likelihood of archangel Michael being Lucifer's wingsex partner, I have no idea where she gets the idea that Anthony is religious enough to spend all that time in his room on his knees. ...And I just got that. Snort. He also a) was not married b) couldn't say boo to a kitten much less manage an "I do" to a girl and c) nowhere near a financial planner. Her mind, I swear it comes complete with rainbow clouds and floating fish.)

All in all, after having poked through this bit of documentary of her life, I have concluded that she is creepy, cannot differentiate between her fantasy world and real life, believes everyone else owes the world to her, that she can do no wrong, will never get the ten million dollars owed her, and is way too obsessed with sex for her own good. I also believe that if I didn't already, I really need to lock the door when I go to sleep at night in case she goes psycho and rampages again. That and possibly sleep with a knife underneath my pillow. Been a long time since I did that. She scares me. Geh.

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